Possible to open a second N26 account (in Italy)?

Hi folks, I have an N26 account (German-based) and curious to see if they would allow a 2nd N26 account that is Italy-based. Reason: many of the Venmo-like payment platforms in Italy (such as Satispay) requires an Italian IBAN. My thought is because N26 is also in Italy, their (Italian-based) account would have an Italian IBAN - please let me know if this is inaccurate.

Thanks as always for everyone’s help!


P.S.: I know that by law, IBAN discrimination isn’t exactly legal, but them’s the rule.

I haven’t heard of N26 offering an Italian IBAN. I know they recently started offering Spanish IBAN’s, but I don’t think other countries besides Germany are supported currently.

Was just in Milan last week and saw N26 advertisement on the streets (and the website mentioned that they do support Italy). Thanks for the reference on Spanish IBAN, I saw in the FAQ that I could switch from German IBAN to Spanish IBAN, but I’d like to maintain my German IBAN for obvious reasons.

Anyways, if others have thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it.


I would ask N26 support directly.

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I know that they don’t support multi-accounts on a single device, or at least didn’t when I tried to open a company bank account with them. My guess is that it might work if you use a second phone number for the other N26 account.

But :+1:what hamsteroo said. Get in touch with their customer service. They know better.

Well - here’s the answer unfortunately:

We offer one account per person. You can choose between a personal or a business account when signing up, but you can’t have both or switch between them.

So…my interpretation is, even with a separate device/separate phone number (which isn’t a problem for me), as long as it’s the same person (and they do check via VideoIdent), then I’m S.O.L.

Unfortunately it’s not easy to get an Italian bank account unless you have their National ID. Not even the N26/Bunq equivalent such as Hype.it. If anyone has any pointer, I would appreciate it.