Questions about moving to Portugal on a D-7 Visa

Hi All -
We are planning to move from New Zealand to Portugal next year. Both of our sons live in Europe, and we are about to become grandparents, and NZ is just too far away!
I have a couple of questions for those of you who have gone thru the D-7 process.
We will be in Portugal in January and will apply for our NIF while there. How long did the process take? We will apply to open a bank account after we get our NIF - what banks did people choose and why? We will still be living in NZ when we apply, but we want to get this all done while we are there, so that we can come back to NZ and apply for the D-7 when we are back. Also just curious where people chose to live and why? We are planning to look around the Silver Coast, Coimbra and Porto. But am interested to hear about other peopleโ€™s choices.
Thanks so much for any insights!