Reference number for IRS tax payment

I completed my taxes online on Financas portal and received an email from AT stating it was correct. However, no reference number was given that would enable me to pay by MBWay. I emailed AT and asked why I have not received a ref# to make payment. I was told I had to wait for an email containing the reference number. It’s been a month now. And no email with a ref#. Can anyone tell me if this normal procedure to wait so long for a ref #? TIA.

Did you check the financas portal? I think I remember the document being there. It did take a few weeks for that to happen for me last year. That letter has the information you need to make payments. One of the documents should have a Referência para Pagamento line. That’s what you need to pay - reference number. It should look a bit like a payment coupon with a barcode at the bottom.

I’m sure their offices are pretty swamped as the deadline is 30 June.

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Thank you, Rob. It is the deadline that alarms me. I understand that payment is not due until August 1st, so I suppose I should assume the notification is in the works. I will check the files again. Thanks again.

Last year I owed taxes, but this year I get a refund, so I’m going by my memory and review of the documents from last year.