Robinhood introducing bank account with no fees and 3% interest

No foreign transaction fees, no overdraft fees, no monthly fees, etc. Earn 3% interest on your USD deposits.

Pre-order now, starts shipping in January. US only. Reserve your account and card here.

According to their terms, this is only available to US residents with an SSN. So I guess foreigners with ITIN’s won’t be eligible.

Not sure. Oftentimes services that say they require an SSN will in practice accept an ITIN, so I guess you could always try :slight_smile:

Have you tried signing up for a regular, US-based, Robinhood account yet? I assume it’s the same requirements.

EDIT: Actually, it says you’ll need to be a citizen or permanent resident, or possess a valid (I assume, immigrant vis). That might make it a bit trickier…

I tried to signing up for a regular account before, they don’t accept ITIN number

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