Single Person Apostille

Hi. We are trying to have our college age daughter added to our Golden Visa. There is a requirement that she provides an apostille that she is not married. I have spoken to the county and the state and both say this is not something offered. We were advised by attorney to have a statement notarized by attorney in NC, which we have. I am about to send documentation in and was advised that they will not apostille the notary from attorney as it is not from official office even though that is not offered.

Am I missing something? Have I been given incorrect information? Has anyone from NC run into this issue? Thank You.

Seems strange as the NC Secty of State website says: The Convention applies to public documents which are certified or notarized by an authority or official in North Carolina.

I am both an attorney and notary in CA. As attorneys, we cannot notarize documents (unless we are separately a notary). Do you know if attorney is allowed to act as a notary simply by virtue of his/her profession? If that is the case, perhaps find a notary that is authorized by the state and on their list of official notaries. I would think they would be able to provide an apostille (as they would here for a notary).

The apostille will simply state something to the effect that the notary is authorized to notarize documents, not that the document is an official copy. Maybe that’s where the disconnect is?

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I am at attorney in Texas, and have had several affidavits over the years of my GV process apostilled by the Texas Secretary of State that we notarized by an official state Notary. In Texas, if you mail in the documents, it can take 30 days or longer to get them apostilled, but if you or someone on your behalf, walks the documents to the office in charge of the apostille, they are done on the spot and handed back to you. Just a suggestion if your apostille is time-sensitive and a similar option is available in NC. Good luck!

Hello Carrie, I am also from NC. And here is a link for how I handled this situation. I am waiting since June 2022 so I can’t report if this actually worked or not yet.

California allows same day apostilles but you have to go to Sacramento in person. Los Angeles used to do it but now is mail-in only.

Or pay a service to do it for you. Most small local notary / shipping places will do expedited apostille for a fee. Basically they will courier your documents to a partner in Sacramento who will add your document to their batch and take it in person, then courier it back.