The world’s best airlines for nomads and long-term travelers


(Thomas K. Running) #1

Nomads and long term travelers have unique needs when it comes to airlines.

First of all, we are usually bringing with us our entire life every time we travel.

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(Dia Joy) #4

One of the best airlines with quite a good quantity of luggage allowance is Emirates Airlines.

(Michael Langer) #5

In the US, Mexico, Belize and the Caribbean - Southwest! Good fares, 2 free checked bags, and no charge to switch flights.

Transatlantic [soon] - Primera Air with new A321 neos.

(Olivier Burle) #6

I agree with the choice of Qatar airways. It’s a pain they don’t fly anymore to Egypt though :roll_eyes: (has to do with politics! :face_vomiting:)
Emirates is a good choice too, especially when you land in Dubai airport :sunglasses: and their business class… OMG
I flew Turkish Airline several times with no major problems ( if language can be), but do not go with their charter company Pegasus they are part of the worse company I traveled with.
Etihad airways is cheaper and often cheapest fare of the region but have a poor booking and in fly services.