Can I complete my online application before Dec 31 if I start now


I’m planning to start the golden visa process (ARI). I have just contacted the companies Iberis and Global Citizen Solutions. I’m from India, currently in US.

I have 2 questions

  1. Would it be possible to complete my process before Jan 1st if I start now?

  2. What if I invest now and I’m not able to apply before Dec 31st. Can I withdraw my money from the funds.


All you have to do is have the application in by Dec 31. To do that you need the NIF, bank account, and supporting docs. Quite honestly you can probably wait to start until Sep and get it done in time but it will be tight.

As far as the funds go, the Venture Capital funds have a lock in period. There are a couple public funds that trade at market prices that you could get into or out of quickly.

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Thank you!

How do I find funds that don’t have lock in period.

See Portugal GV Fund Comparison? for a discussion of using public funds.

Also, on your original question: There is a discussion here Apostille and Document Prep for Indian GV Investors about whether you would need a criminal background check from India. If you do I suspect that would be the slowest thing right now.

Bison Bank seems to be one of the only banks that allows US persons to open an account remotely. You could start the process by opening an account there, or at least schedule a call to get more information. They might be a good point of contact as they work with a number of funds.