Investors in Rock Capital and Explorer IV - Investment awaiting regulation?

I have submitted all my documents and now I get this message on my SEF account.

Não é possível concluir a candidatura porque o tipo de investimento aguarda regulamentação

Translating this using Google I get

It is not possible to complete the application because the type of investment is awaiting regulation

Has anyone else got this notification? I was under the impression that both these funds have been approved.

When did you invest in Rock Capital? It was supposedly closed to new investors as of September 2021.

Duncan, I would not worry much about this statement. We all received it, irrespectively of whether we applied via fund or real estate route. Some were reporting the message even after they already received their Golden Visas and were in the process of renewal. My lawyer in Lisbon told me to just ignore it.


A29 I just squeezed in like one minute before the deadline in Rock. Had some difficulty getting my bank account set up and funding but made it.
Thanks Roman Good to know. Didn’t want to miss the year end deadline and have to fork over more $$