Is there any Fintech/Digital Wallet/Online Bank dosen't require phone number to rigister?

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Is there any Fintech/Digital Wallet/Online Bank dosen’t require phone number to rigister?

Take a look at Perfect Money, while they will still ask for a phone number, it is not really important to them. What is more important to them is your e-mail.

Also, I don’t think there is any country they don’t accept. You can have money in gold,US Dollars, Euro and Bit Coin. And they pay interest on deposits (can’t remember the minimum balance but I remember they say they pay up to 4% on USD max $500 per month)

You also get paid a referral bonus…


Dose Transferwise require a phone number to use? If I keep in small amount of money.

I can see they will ask for verification if you do any transaction more than $1000, so I assume, lower than $1000 is not need to be verified.

And there is not mentions about phone number in their web site. Those who already has Transferwise account, could you tell us what the real situations are?

TransferWise uses SMS verification (2FA) quite frequently when signing in, although you can use the app for 2FA if you have it installed. But imagine you’d need a phone number to even get that set up in the first place.

But why is it important for you to avoid having a phone number on file with a bank? I doubt you’ll find any attractive options that don’t require a phone number.