My iCard account has been suddenly restricted!


(MS) #1

I have been an iCard user for about 2-3 months. This 4th of July they suddenly, out of the blue, restricted my account – which has 250 USD – asking me to mail the notarized copy of Passport and Proof of Address to their HQ. In fact, I have already submitted these docs while registering the account via email, and my account was approved!

And even if I after send the docs spending 75 USD+ for shipping, their internal department will again go through the sent documents and update the account status! Which means even after I send the requested docs, there is a guarantee that my restrictions will be lifted off my account!
I don’t think I have violated any of their policies. However, this happened right after a day, my other friend linked an iCard MasterCard to a PayPal account!

Now, can any of you suggest what steps should I take in order claim my stuck money back?
Thank You!