Introduce yourself! πŸ‘‹

Hello Everyone!

My name is Zak and I will going location independent as of 7/1/2021. I am 33 yo UXD and LXD professional and am starting my first totally remote position soon. I am also about to finish my degree. I always envied those who got to study abroad so I figured why not design my own program my way,

My plan is travel state side and follow my wonderlust where it takes me. Maybe do an overseas jump if the world allows. I am super exited for this next step and chapter in my life.

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hello everyone
My name is Amr and I am a doctor living in Cairo, Egypt
Ive been looking for a CBI opportunity for the past few months and i came across this community which i have to admit , is the most informative and helpful i have found.
its a pleasure to be here with you


Hi I am Katrina Julia!

I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, athlete, online educator, global traveler & a creator all in one Lifestyle Brand (Health, Wealth & Biz Online & Live!)

I have traveled to 28 countries & currently on my way to 7 Continents!
This year, I have gone to Costa Rica for 3 months, Guatemala for 1.5 months, and now in Tulum & Mexico for 3+ months! Coming up soon is Panama, Colombia & more!

Some of my faves include:
1 Santorini
2 Costa Rica
3 Italy
4 Poland
5 Jamaica

Thank you for creating this community!

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A webmaster for 25 years. Love migration and interested in these topics. Linux and coffee fan. Love video games.

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I Rob, I’m an IT digital Nomad from Jersey, I love juggling, computer games and Digital Classical music, (Covid has been a nightmare for anyone who is a PT!) unfortunately the world is becoming a much smaller place, I think the governments of the world are conspiring to frustrate anyone seeking digital freedom. It’s interesting how Accountants and Lawyers have been seconded to identify and trap you, so the sharing of information between people seeking to solve similar legal and accounting issues are becoming more important. Its great to see the very practical experience being shared here and helps to solve the rat traps awaiting all unware travellers! Navigating Facta and CRS is becoming the real challenge. especially for digital nomads seeking legal methods of being free. I am also worried about mobile phones IMEI and SIMs being used to track people movements internationally. Literally acting as roving bugs and movement detectors so I’m interested in talking about open standard , opensource sim free phones . Lets hope the world opens up again for us all soon! Despite all the traps and trip wires its a wonderful exciting place to explore with the limited time we have!

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Hey nomad gang,

My name is Andy (37). I am a wannabe nomad at this point. I have a wife and 9 yr old daughter. We are planning to move to Bali in 5 years for my daughter to go to high school there. Until then we try to travel as much as possible and are trending towards slower travel as much as possible. We have a 3 week stay in Mexico coming up, working partially while there. I am here to learn as much as I can from all of you to prepare for living abroad as a nomad. Early retirement, taxes, insurance, building community, volunteering, travel hacks, health and the list goes on of the things I cant wait to get your perspective on. Its hard to find many people in my daily life that have this passion we share so I am grateful to have found you guys. See you in there!

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Ezra here from Philadelphia. Happy to be here :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone! My name is Nigel. I’m working for a remote company from India.

I want to have a second home somewhere better for a better life and future. I’m not yet married and have the freedom and flexibility to make pursue such an option without much difficulty. I’m looking forward to exploring my options.

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Hi :wave: Nomad community.
It took me a while to get to Europe after I introduced myself more then a year ago, and now I am ready to finally move to Portugal. I am in the Netherlands :netherlands: right now after having spent many years in the :us: I hope to connect with people who plan to move to Portugal or are already in this beautiful country. I am an IT veteran who will retire after a lifetime in the corporate world. I hope I can return any help I will get.

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Hello! My name is Elaine and I currently live in New Mexico and Florida USA. My husband and I are looking to retire in Portugal. I think we are most interested in somewhere in the countryside, although I do miss water! :ocean: Happy to be here!

Favorite book is Lord of the Rings, and favorite TV is Britbox crime dramas (especially those set near :ocean:

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Living in Texas right now. I have fond memories of wandering around Vilencia Portugal a few years ago. Thinking I really need to make it back there.

Hi everyone :wave: Happy to have found this group. I’m Kira, from Canada. I’m more of a nomad-lite kind of traveller. I used to do trips between 1-3 months at a time before the pandemic, mostly to warm places to avoid Canadian winters :slight_smile:, but never gave up my home base. I’m liquidating my apartment at the end of the summer though and plan on trying out full time travel this fall… really hoping things get more stable coronavirus-wise. I’m pretty conservative when it comes to my health but I’m also pretty keen to avoid spending another winter in Canada (2020 was the first time I spent a whole winter here in 5 years!). I write software for a living and bring my work with me wherever I go, taking a few weeks off and some long weekends here and there to enjoy the scenery wherever I’m at. It’s hard to pick just one favourite place, but Croatia, Mexico, and the northwest Rockies are definitely near the top. Can’t wait to get back to travelling and looking forward to meeting some other people in the same boat!

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Hello everyone! Thank you all for the warm welcome. I’m looking forward to exploring this forum. I stumbled upon it by accident and thought I would give it a shot since I’m traveling more now. I’ve lived all over the U.S. and began traveling internationally in 2013 keeping up the habit until March of last year.

My favorite places so far are Lima and Tarapoto, Peru. I loved Buenos Aires, Argentina when I was there. I spent 2 months in BA. I’ve visited many different places all over Nicaragua, Mexico, Belice, and of course Peru. Much more travel is planned this year and next already. In fact, I’m headed back to Peru this July for a month. I’m fortunate my work allows me the flexibility to travel.

Take care and happy travels!

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I’m Joyce. I moved to South Africa from the US 20+ years ago and now call Cape Town :heart: my I’m really more long-term expat :us: with permanent residency :south_africa: than nomad. I plan to do a bit of travelling around the continent so am interested in getting acquainted with the practicalities of the nomad lifestyle. And I’m happy to share info on life in SA. :smiley:

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Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’m from Johannesburg, South Africa :south_africa: - Lived in Toulouse, France :fr: for a couple years. Back in :south_africa: now, but trying to plan next move to Ireland :ireland:

I really loved Toulouse :fr:, Costa del Sol (Malaga, Marbella) :es: and Cape Town :south_africa:

For work, I run an online events company doing some of the biggest multi-speaker self development summits. Also getting started with trading stock markets. Both are awesome because I can work from anywhere as long as I have my laptop and (good) internet.

I love cars, coffee and travelling :smiley:

Found this community searching for answers to the challenges around bank accounts and residency, and what a pain it can be when moving country, having accounts closed because you’re no longer resident is a nightmare.

Glad to be here and look forward to learning from and interacting with everyone :slight_smile:

I’m Emmy and I’ve been traveling for many years now, mostly Asia and Africa. I found this group while surfing for destination . I am happy to be here and would like to meet this smart @tkrunning in Lithuania or Sweden any time is is around that axis
I love travelling.