Introduce yourself! 👋

Hey great, thanks for all the details!!! I’m in a similar boat in that I could be semi retired financially as in my previous career I did quite well, but I want to work and am really enjoying being an entrepreneur now so the D7 is perfect because it doesn’t preclude me from continuing to work for my existing clients in North America remotely as well as pick up some work in Portugal. I’m investigating a few legal firms in Portugal that help facilitate the D7 process so if I find one I really like and I get pricing info (and the price is not prohibitive) I will pass along to you.

As for work, thanks for the info. All the open positions I’m working on at the moment are for software engineers (so if you know anyone please broker an intro - they are awesome positions - 100% remote, good pay, good company, exciting projects) but if I see anything that may suit you or your husband I will let you know. Send me a personal message for contact information.
That being said, I may have a little remote project that could suit your husband. It’s not anything I’m working on, just for a friend in the wine industry. They are a really big wine school and winery and they need an “oncall” IT consultant to help whenever something goes wrong (servers go down, email not working, etc etc etc.). It’s probably only a few hours work per week I suspect but you’d have to find out. If he’d be interested, get him to send me a resume or linkedin profile and I’ll pass along and broker an intro him :slight_smile:

And yes I am working on my Portuguese and my Spanish. I’m fluent in French (well… almost fluent haha) which I find really helps when learning one of the other classical languages… Interestingly for me I find Spanish easier to read but Portuguese easier to speak as the sounds are more like French than they are Spanish… anyway, I’m a long way from being anywhere close to fluent in either haha. Fortunately in Portugal everybody speaks English, so it’s more just that I want to learn it rather than absolutely have to.

Chat soon!

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Greetings All🤗 I’ve always wanted to travel & visit since I started reading about places as a very young child. Though I’m more seasoned in age now, I still feel the digital type nomad life calling me…Portugal & Panama are my top places to live, my favorites are Riga, Western Europe & Oslo. I’m a native New Yorker & moved about 50 times since leaving there. To Kill a Mockingbird & Scorched Earth are currently my favorite books…it changes routinely. You’ve some useful info & interesting stories to read here & I thank you all…so glad I found the Nomad Gate :grin: hopefully my nomading returns in 2022! Stay safe, write well, live&learn much & enjoy :relaxed: