Introduce yourself! 👋

Plenty of info if you search. Plan for it to take twice as long as you think. If you don’t mind staying in Portugal, look at the D7 instead

Thanks. What’s D7?

You’re really not going to do well without a strong set of Google skills

The D7 is a residence visa for Portugal. It’s much cheaper but requires you spend most of your time in Portugal


I thought you were referring to Discussion 7 on that forum that I couldn’t find on the site.

I did read about D7 but was under the impression it would be harder to get citizenship etc.

It actually easier with the D7 in that it’s faster. Citizenship laws have nothing to do with D7 or GV. It is a separate process.

Thanks. Good to know. Time to get a NIF.

Hello everyone,

My name is Tanveer and I am currently living in California :us:. My partner and I are thinking about moving to Portugal :portugal:. I came across this forum while researching online NIF application process (thank you for the handy 10% off coupon code).

I am an engineer, looking to continue my work remotely while my partner is about to retire from healthcare. We are looking for a home in Portugal.

These forums seem so helpful in navigating bureaucratic processes which can often be slow and painful. It has already offered us useful guidance and a sense of community to learn from variety of experiences. It makes the process seem less daunting.

I am very glad to have found this forum. I will post updates once we start our journey. For now, it is all about doing more research and getting everything ready!

Thank you all for your contribution to this community - big and small.


Hi everyone!

My name is Molly, and I am living outside Washington DC in northern Virginia :us_outlying_islands: with my husband, a 10 y/o boy and a 7 y/o girl, and two lazy cats :smiley_cat::smiley_cat:. I have worked for the U.S. government for over 20 years.

But lately, my country doesn’t feel much like a place where we want to raise our family. We are looking for a place with a kinder and more relaxed way of life, and Portugal :portugal: rates high on our list. I would love to learn more from people who have moved their family overseas, especially if you ended up making a career change in the process.

We love to travel :airplane:, and some of the favorite places I have visited are…
Maui :pineapple:
Paris :fr:
Sweden :sweden:
New York City :statue_of_liberty:
Ireland :ireland: and Northern Ireland :uk:

I am currently reading Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson and am finding it a useful, if uncomfortable, read for understanding American society.

I look forward to getting to know you and learning from you!

Hi all fellow nomads,
I am now retired (just about), having worked in UK, Ireland and Netherlands for a number of different multinationals -European and US. Having ended my fulltime career about 7 years ago my wife and I moved to Spain and then 2 years ago back to The Netherlands, while I continued some consultancy work and and acted as a non-exec director. My children are scattered about the world, and I spend time with them in Australia, the US and a number of European countries - so I’m interested in moving money around the world and in matters such as health insurance, inheritance tax as it affects nomads and their heirs.

Malachy McReynolds

Dude, how did you create this website?
Why are there so many great people people hiding in here?

I visa my name: I’m Sandy. I’m an entrepreneur, a pass and a very opened ressource. :joy: Really, I can open but I have not all these assets to do it this way. Recently, I was fantasizing about Switzerland , yes… cows…, Australia… kangooroos… and they have some pockets! and Spain, ooh gigidy! :pen:

I will say I read more financial books recently, the book I liked was The psychology of money of Morgan Housel, I liked also Quiet from Suzan Cain. :magnet:More or less, I’d say to be at odds that “Feeding the donkey sponge cake!”

Hello, I am Anthony, i am from California and discovered Nomad Gate while looking for a Digital Nomad/Traveller community. I had a Caregiving business up until a few years ago. I am now semi retired and now a virtual assistant work as well as attending graduate school online. I have traveled extensively for most of my life, some of my favorite destinations, Hong Kong, Spain, Vancouver, Boston and San Francisco. Currently preparing to head off for the East coast of the US and explore. Looking forward to chatting with the community.


Sarah, just joined Nomadegate. Testing the water for what is next. Thinking about moving to Portugal. So what is your experience? I am currently finishing a screenplay as I see you are a writer as well.

Tell me more about the Golden Passport please. Thanks, Clark

Hello everyone, this is Nadir Shaikh. My wife Renee and I live in Atalaia, Lourinha, for around half of the year. I was a banker with Citibank for 39 years based in 7 countries, and now work part time with a couple of other banks as a Board Member. We love driving around Portugal, good wine and food. I read a lot and we generally chill out!

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Hi, I’m Cliff and just joined from Bangkok!

Hello cliff , Nadir and Anthony. Happy to see you leap around and enjoying vibrant communities. You can speak out loud! Nice to hear your voices !

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In Seattle now, expect to sign on a house in Pombal next month and we’ll begin living there as soon as reasonably possible.

I used to work, but thank heavens haven’t for a while. I play the tuba and indulge in other mild eccentricities. S/O likes to sleep outdoors in a hammock and look for tracks of wild animals. :paw_prints:

I speak Portuguese reasonably well for an American, she’s learning. Our experience there has been that it’s useful everywhere, and essential once you get off the international tourist beaten path, as we certainly are in Pombal. We’ll go to the bank soon after we have things settled there and get her an account, and I’ll have to translate.