Introduce yourself! 👋

Hi I am Agustina I am Indonesian and married with Italian who has just moved to Lisbon. I am happy to join this community, I have read some useful info regarding NIF etc. I still have doubt how to apply NIF myself directly to the finance office in Lisbon.

Hope to find somebody who can share their personal experience

best regards

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Hey everyone,

So happy to have found this valuable resource and looking forward to learning about others’ experiences.

I’m Megan, currently living in Houston, Texas. My husband and I have wanted to live in Europe since we were dating in college (lol, about 35 years ago!). We’ve been lucky to have travelled quite a bit since then, and now we’re looking to make our dream of a more gracious lifestyle and slower pace of life come true, hoping to make a move to Europe within the next 2-3 years.

In our travels, we’ve made dear friends in Jordan, Hungary and Germany and look forward to being able to more easily spend time with them. Once you’re in Europe, Asia and the ME are so much closer. I’d say that my ultimate goal is to be a student and a citizen of the world. There is so much to see!

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Hi everyone!
I’m Queren and I’m a Brazilian who loves science and travels. Later in the year I’m going to the US to study! wish me luck!

Hi Everybody,

I’m Joe Martins from Portugal. I’m 71, retired now, and have lived and worked in England for 17 years Saudi Arabia for 8 years and Saudi Airlines in IT then set up my own business in Spain where I stayed for 30 years and am now living in Portugal but about to emigrate to Brazil with my present wife and five year old son.
I enjoy traveling, motor sports, driving, reading, computers, and being outdoors close to nature.

Hello guys!

I’m Marília, brazilian living in Portugal as Immigration Lawyer.
I’m from Rio and have done my Master in Law in Porto, felt in love with this city so now I work for other expats guide them how to live here legally.
I’m reading “The Happiness Advantage”. Not nomad but location independent based at Portugal, still work overseas but my main focus is to help the migration process to Portugal.

Fell free to get in touch!

Hi, Winfred and Debbie here. Currently live in Dominican Republic. Long time live aboard sailors and world travelers. Moving to Mexico in the upcoming year and who know what lies after that. Great to be part of the community

Hi there, I am Luis D’Agostino, currently residing in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida.

I do several things, from property management, to real estate brokering and also real estate development and construction. My wife, Lupe, is also a real estate broker, but prefers selling Latin TV shows to several TV stations in the US and abroad.

Lupe is applying for the Portuguese citizenship through the Sephardic Jew program. We have been advised to open a bank account in Portugal to show roots there. We are also planning a trip to Lisbon in October 2022. Any tips for us?

We are looking to make a move to Europe in about 2 years, after we get our papers.

It’s a pleasure to be a part of this community!

Hi Everyone,

My name is Wally, my partner Jan and I live in the Bahamas, and have a summer place in Canada. We love traveling and have visited about 50 countries, favorites include Morocco, Myanmar, Laos, Greece, and almost any country on the Mediterranean.

We are here hoping to learn from other people’s experiences as we are always looking for travel and living tips. I am a long time retired software developer and active investor today.
I may be able to help with questions regarding living in the Bahamas.

Anyone from Pakistan?

Hi everyone! I’m Alex, based out of Los Angeles. My partner and I are in the GV process for Portugal (awaiting pre-approval) and I wanted to join this community to meet others who are pursuing this and build a network. Things are just getting started for us and I’m eager for insights and advice. Thank you!

Greetings! I have traveled Central and South America as well as Eastern Europe and am now planning on moving my family to Western Europe, specifically Portugal. This is the first time I will be moving with kids. They are about to start school and we’ll all be learning Portuguese, though I speak Spanish and hope it will be easy. I’m seeking tips on moving and/or immigrating with a family.

Hi All! :v: I’m Lori and I live in Malibu, California, a place of natural beauty that I am so grateful for, but am looking to become a bit more nomadic and spend more time in other places I love like Spain, Portugal, Costa Rica, Italy, and Greece … and many more! :star_struck: I’m starting the Golden Visa process in Portugal, and that’s what brought me here. Looking forward to learning and sharing with this community!