Introduce yourself! 👋

I swear I have met more “Garrett”'s in this whole portugal business than ever before in my life.


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Hello everyone,
My name is Marko and I’m from Serbia. Currently looking into obtaining my very own NIF and moving to the Azores later this year. NG seems like a treasure trove of information, and I will come back later to share my experiences as I make progress on my journey.

Peace :v:

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Hi folks, I’m from the UK and looking to emigrate to Europe within the next 5-10 years. I am mainly looking at Portugal’s RBI options. I speak a bit of the language, having spent a lot of time in the country in my 20s (and in Brazil as well). That said, I am feeling a tad overwhelmed by all the information so I’m looking forward to interacting and learning here and hopefully finding a clear and simple path forward. Thanks

Hi my name is Ralph Jaggi.

I currently live in Northern California, am single, fun loving, and grateful.

I am new to this forum, but looking forward to interacting with you all.

I am currently working in the US, doing GIS with Caltrans, but am planning to retire in Portugal in 2 to 3 years.

I heard I will need a NIF to do much of anything in Portugal
I am looking for ways to obtain that.

Hello community :wave:t3:
Thank you for welcoming me here!

My name is Cristina Afonso, I live in Lisbon, Portugal, and work, at CMS Law firm, as a Business Developer & Client Manager at the Immigration Team.
Will try to be of a help with the questions the community here presents, everytime I see my knowlegde of different related issues, can be a solver.

Love people, cultures, diversity, bring solutions, art, music, dance, Love the outdoors, my pets, nature and life itself!

All the best for everyone!

Hello - I’m Margaret from the UK. I recently bought a house under the Golden Visa scheme in Castro Marim. The documents were submitted on 6 December 2021 and we’re waiting approval. Then I suppose it’s going to be a long wait for the biometrics. Anyway, we are retired and studying here, and hoping that the SEF stuff gets sorted so that we can stay longer than the 90 days currently allowed post-Brexit. If anyone is near Castro Marim I’d be interested to hear from them - or anyone else for that matter! Thanks! Margaret

Hi all! My name’s Mike and I currently live in Nova Scotia with my wife and son. We moved here from the UK a few years ago but have decided it’s time to move on. We’re seeing out the school year here then heading to Lisbon in July. I’m a programmer and designer, working remotely for 4 or 5 years. I’ve been nomadic for spells but less so once having kids!

I’m Matthew from Australia. I am retired looking to do what I love most ie visit other countries and see how people live.
Favourite book: “100 years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Favourite country: Indonesia
Came to nomadgate because I am looking how to manage money effectively whilst travelling.

Hi I am Graham. I am from the UK originally. I have lived in the U.S.A for 25 years, and Spain for 5 years. Considering Portugal , probably an investment in the interior to renovate.

Happy to have found this lovey community! My name is Fernando and am from Canada, but also a Portuguese Citizen (my parents are both from there). I am just getting started in acquiring properties in Portugal to run as short term rentals, specifically targeting digital nomads and families looking for a quiet place to get away and recharge themselves. Coming from a long career in business, it became important to me to create these space, when I was recently in Portugal visiting family and working remotely there. I want to simplify the process for anyone looking t get away and prioritize their wellness and self and living the best way they can.

I hope I can learn from all of you what is important to a nomad on the move, to help me in creating the best spaces and experiences, and hopefully I can provide some value in the community as well, answering any questions anyone has.



Hi everyone! I’m César, from Brazil, discovering Europe. I’ve recently moved to Malta. I’m still figuring it out the basics on residency here.

Hi :wave:t2:, I would like to know the latest news for moving to Portugal :blush:

Hi there,

I’m Sarah from Germany but living in various countries across Europe since 2014.

I’m a content writer for science-related topics and coach scientists to communicate and disseminate their research findings. :speech_balloon:

Currently, I’m in Alicante, Spain, which is probably one of my favourite places so far, but others include Valencia and Gran Canaria. Yes, I love Spain and their beaches :beach_umbrella: and I generally spend my days playing beach volleyball :sunny: and my nights writing :writing_hand:t4:

Looking forward to meeting you all here!

Hey all nice to be a part of the community.

At we run Portugals first fully CMVM regulated and GV complaint Crypto fund. Happy to help!

Hi Friends,

My name is Kristen and I am currently in Bogotá, Colombia. I’ve been on the move in South America for the last 6 months after losing my home in the Northeastern US to Hurricanes Henri/Ida flooding. Lost my university job in 2020 to Covid. I’m traveling and writing a book about my own experience being displaced due to a climate change weather event, interviewing people about their experiences with changing climate, and how the human relationship with the landscape changes as the landscape changes. Heading to the Amazon soon.

Grateful to be here because I’m new to living long term on the road, yet eager to continue in this way as long as I can while I write. Thanks for the welcome!


Hi everyone, my name’s Kevin but most people call me Frosty, or rather my name’s Frosty but my passport still says Kevin. I’m writing this from Budapest, Hungary, but on Monday I’ll be in the US.

I don’t think of myself as a “nomad” but I do live in five countries at the moment so maybe other people see me that way. Trying to reduce it to three!

I’m a visual artist (painter, mostly) and a technologist (software, mostly) – and after 15 years at a big company (13 of them remote in Europe) and one year reshuffling my geography, I am getting back into software consulting and might also make some apps and things. If I had more free time I’d write a detective novel but that might have to wait until “retirement.” (Artists never retire anyway.)

Happy to be here and learn from other peoples’ experiences. I found this site while looking for info on “nomad” business stacks, e.g. LLC + bank + mail forwarding, that sort of thing.

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