Introduce yourself! 👋


I’m Rachael an Anglo-Canadian. Ive lived in Europe and also Canada. Love travelling, hoping to get to Australia at some point and then perhaps settle somewhere in Europe.

Pleased to meet you all - favoutite places - Paris, Greece and Scotland.

Hi David!
Thank you for your post! I spent a few months considering Portugal and planned to do it all myself as well. I got a really bad vibe from all the expat fb groups trying to sell me things and convince me that you have to pay for it all with lawyers and such. I noticed more and more how it was becoming harder to find a place and also the visa conditions changed very quickly a couple of months ago.
I visited the beautiful country and did not get a chance to go very far north, but, I plan on just embarking on a long journey starting in June and going to spend a few months in Mexico.
Maybe I will come back to Portugal and spend more time there as well.
Nice to meet you!

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My name is Gina and I’m an artist currently living in the pacific northwest of the USA. I’m single with no kids in my early 50s at a fantastic point in my life where I realize I can just go do whatever I want… why am I paying 1200/mo to live in a box in Portland, OR?!
I have spent the last couple of years trying to figure out either how to get out or if I should invest in property and stay in… the cost to stay in and where I would have to go to afford anything has not seemed worth it and so, OUT I go!
I spent a long time considering Portugal, but, it seems EVERYONE is going there and things have gotten much tougher in terms of finding housing, etc. I took a very short visit and maybe I will be back but, I have decided to head to Mexico in June instead! I am thrilled for the journey. I love Mexico and am excited to explore the beautiful country.
I don’t know if I’ll end up there forever, but, it is a good starting point for this nomadic journey. Life is short!
Very excited to be part of this community and learn and share with you all!

Hi all! :wave:t5:
I am Patricia, I go by Patricia :laughing:
I am super excited to be here and this is my first foray into “digital nomading”. I am a remote software engineer living in SF and working on my D8 digital nomad Visa to Portugal to start my residency and ultimately become a Portugese citizen.
I love that this community exists and if anyone has any pro tips on moving to Portugal as a solo Black female :girl:t5:, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.
My favourite places in the world (where I don’t work cos I’m on vacation :upside_down_face:) are:

  • Hawaii, all of it :desert_island:
  • The DF, Mexico :mexico:
  • Japan :sushi:
  • Duoro Valley, Portugal :wine_glass:
  • Porto, Portugal :portugal:
    The book I always recommend cos it makes me laugh is A Confederacy of Dunces.

Hello, I am Claudia. :hugs:
Born and raised in Austria. After my studies, I moved to Hamburg, Germany. A few years ago I wanted to go back to my home, Vienna, Austria. But I only stayed there for 4 months before I visited friends in Bali (while I was working as a freelancer), before I went back home I wanted to go to Laos, then to Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam … the rest is history. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I sold everything at home and have been a digital nomad for 6 years now. Since 2 years I have my own marketing agency and support international clients - especially in online marketing.

My favourite places in the world:
:parasol_on_ground: Sylt, an island in northern Germany
:volcano: Guatemala
:whale: Cape Town
:turtle: Galapagos
:palm_tree: Bali

The book that changed my life like no other: E² - How your thoughts change the world, by Pam Grout

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Ciao a tutti! I’m Chel, an American. Currently living in the USA after being abroad for close to a decade.

Not currently working as hubby and I are preparing to relocate to Portugal. Shhh, family doesn’t know yet, so don’t tell :smile: Hubby’s family was originally from there, but no one kept sufficient docs to prove that, so we’re going after a D2 business approval ok. We’ve both been there before and like it, although I’m not sure about the winters and no heat in the homes. :cold_face: I’m also researching potential new careers as a nomad. It’s never too late to totally change gears, right?

Favorite places include: Roma, London, and Buenos Aires. I’m a big fan of riding my :motor_scooter: and watching :soccer:, the real football. :wink:

I read a lot and find it hard to recommend books w/o knowing the person I’m giving a book to, but these are serious favs: Tolkien, Commissario Brunetti, The Undertaker’s Gone Bananas, Under a Whispering Door, Weaveworld, Alice in Wonderland, A Walk in the Woods, The Ruins, Christie, King, Inspector Lynley, and on and on and :books: :books: :books:

Thanks for the add. Looks like a lot of great info here. Nice to meet you all!

Hello Everyone!!!

I am Rawad, living in the Middle East and precisely from Lebanon.

lovely people drew me to Portugal a few years ago and now I want to ensure that I can settle there when the time comes so I submitted my GV application recently in Jan and hoping that it will work despite all the uncertainties

I am looking forward to being part of this community and I wan to thank @tkrunning for setting this up.

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HI, Best wishes to all,
Which is the most accessible and friendly bank in Portugal?
some experience? Thank you very much

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Hi Everyone :wave:

Currently living in Mauritius with my family doing remote work, but thinking Portugal might be a good next destination for us as our kids grow older.

Hi Marc,

Welcome to the community!

ActivoBank is generally a great option in Portugal, but there are also others worth considering. We actually have an article about this topic, it might be helpful for you.

Thank you so much
Have a wonderful day

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