Introduce yourself! 👋

Nice meeting you, Thomas :slight_smile:

My name is Karen Brewerr, I am a traveler and a blogger. I write articles about Home and Decor, Business, Health, and of course, Travel.

I love exploring places and I write down all my experiences. I also like giving tips and advice. I am currently connected with Thailand Private Tours

Hi, everyone! I’ve just moved to PT to work at ULisboa as a philosophy researcher. So far, the country is treating me well. I’m on the forums here to try to find answers to my very many residence permit questions.

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HI Asif here currently in Chicago, via 20 years in Los Angeles and NYC. Looking to see if still get a GV before the rules changes. Appreciate all the posts and knowledge here.

Hi I’m Matt from Southern California. My wife and I are still planning to live in the U.S. for the forseeable but are applying for the GV to have a good future retirement option or escape plan in case things get too weird here in the U.S. I wish I had discovered this forum sooner, as it would have answered a lot of my questions and saved me some time and stress. We’ve already completed our investment, purchasing a home in the historic district of Evora with an executed renovation contract with a local contractor. At this point we’re waiting on our FBI background checks to receive Hague Apostilles as the final item on the checklist before we submit to SEF through our lawyer, VCA. Happy to answer any questions and open to any tips!


Hi Community,

I’m Enrico, originally from Italy, resident in Germany, temporarily in Spain.
I’m a Project Leader/Business Analyst in the area of Enterprise Service Management.
In the last years (before Covid) I already worked mostly remotely in home-office from Germany.
In the last two years I began to swap to Spain for the winter and back in Germany for the summer. This worked for a while as employee but now I’m looking for a 100% remote position, either as employee or as freelancer. Companies in Germany are reluctant to that. They adduce either data security or insurance issues, but there are means to overcome those, the truth is mostly lack of trust.
For the next years I just would like to continue to swap between countries in winter/summer.
I got acquainted with Andalusia and especially the province of Cadiz. If you have questions about this area or if you also live there, then please contact me on this platform.

Best regards,


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Hi, Nice to meet you

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Nice to meet you Mark!

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Nice to meet you. I’m from Chennai too!

Hi all!

I’m Chance, longtime nomad from Canada.

Some favorite places:

  • Seoul
  • Prague
  • Melbourne

Currently reading:

  • Brad DeLong’s book Slouching Towards Utopia


  • I dabble but these days a lot of NBA-related pods and tech. :slight_smile:

Hi ,

My name’s Luke, just found this place.

I’m older than most of you, most likely, don’t know if anyone else on here is older.

I’m not working currently due to circumstances, but want to get into a position where I can travel and leave this toxic hell hole country, but I’ve no real clue how to do it.

I’ll make another post about my situation.

Hi, everyone! I’m Anastasia. I’m a new to become Digital Nomad. And I glad to find the Community for discovering the theme and the place where to go first. I’m videomaker, photographer, remote video editor, nature lover. My favorite places are Portugal, Italy, Finland.

Needed to update my introduce yourself :woozy_face:

I am Omolara from the US. My journey started when I studied abroad in Dubai, 12 years ago :grinning:. I lived in Mexico for 6 years and I currently reside in Texas. I am fluent in Spanish and working on getting a second home in Dubai, so I can split my time there 50/50.

I would love to meet expats in Dubai, as well as Americans who have residences in the US and another country.

Currently watching Bird Box Barcelona and Selling OC. Reading Remote for Life by Jordan Carrol. Considering setting my income up in a way where I can live in Dubai and the US, without limiting myself to the US timezone, since there is a 9 hour time difference🥴.

What makes me tick? Relaxing and getting pampered!

Hi everyone,
My name is Lourenço, I’m Portuguese and since I was young I felt like a global citizen.
I’ve been based in London for the past +4y (East Timor before that), but my current job requires me to go Lisbon (my hometown) a lot, which is great!
I know Portugal it’s not just quality of life, cheap beer and sunny weather, the country has its challenges (bureaucracy to start with), despite the tremendous potential (where are the good politicians?).
This community works as a reality check for Portugal, and to point out certain improvement opportunities.

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Howdy everyone! I’m James :slight_smile: newbie. Looking for friends. My hobbies are watching horror movies, traveling and singing. My favorite destination are Japan, Chile, and Philippines. But I am still looking for other places that has beautiful landscape? I really love doing nothing, just staring in nature. Cheers to all :beers:

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Greetings all! Claire here :sparkles:
From the San Francisco area, and have had the pleasure of journeying many places and meeting marvelous humans. France is a second home to me, and my husband’s dream is to live in the jungles of Mexico - so we’ve set our sights on Portugal for our next big move.

I love creating spaces, sharing my love of nourishing food with others, and exploring nature.

See y’all in the forums :lotus:

Hey Matt! I’d appreciate being able to ask some questions! I just stumbled onto this forum and my husband and I are feeling called to Portugal as well - similarly as things continue to get stranger in the U.S. Did you use a firm to assist you in your process of acquiring a GV? If so, whom and did you like working with them?

Thanks so much!

Hi, I’m David. :wave: Stumbled upon this site via Google search. Currently staying and working remotely in the Philippines, but I also traveled and done remote work in different countries.