Introduce yourself! πŸ‘‹

Hi Everyone!

I am Robert from :hungary:. I have been working in the financial field for many years. I have my own company that deals with…
:man_office_worker: business consulting
:man_technologist: IT and software development
:part_alternation_mark: integration of quality control systems
:newspaper: media services.

I also like :man_scientist: science ( :telescope: astro- and :atom_symbol: quantum physics) and I am a noted :writing_hand: journalist (economic and geopolitical) and writer (fantasy, sci-fi and literature).
I like to translate :open_book: novels in my spare time.

γ˜γ‚ƒγ‚γ­ ( β€œSee ya”)

Nice meeting you, Thomas :slight_smile:

My name is Karen Brewerr, I am a traveler and a blogger. I write articles about Home and Decor, Business, Health, and of course, Travel.

I love exploring places and I write down all my experiences. I also like giving tips and advice. I am currently connected with Thailand Private Tours & Local Tour Guides | GoWithGuide

Hi, everyone! I’ve just moved to PT to work at ULisboa as a philosophy researcher. So far, the country is treating me well. I’m on the forums here to try to find answers to my very many residence permit questions.

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Hi I’m Joann and me and my Husband have recently packed our jobs in and sold up.
We now live in our motorhome with our dog, Alfie and are currently coming to the end of our 90 days in Europe. :sob:
Heading back to the UK to do House/Pet sitting, this gives us free accommodation but we love animals and to get to visit places we might not necessarily visit.

Favourite Places include Brooklyn, Scottish Highlands and Bruges to name a few

Nosying on here for inspiration for our next trip and for assistance with a visa to be able to stay out longer

HI Asif here currently in Chicago, via 20 years in Los Angeles and NYC. Looking to see if still get a GV before the rules changes. Appreciate all the posts and knowledge here.

Hi I’m Matt from Southern California. My wife and I are still planning to live in the U.S. for the forseeable but are applying for the GV to have a good future retirement option or escape plan in case things get too weird here in the U.S. I wish I had discovered this forum sooner, as it would have answered a lot of my questions and saved me some time and stress. We’ve already completed our investment, purchasing a home in the historic district of Evora with an executed renovation contract with a local contractor. At this point we’re waiting on our FBI background checks to receive Hague Apostilles as the final item on the checklist before we submit to SEF through our lawyer, VCA. Happy to answer any questions and open to any tips!


Hi Community,

I’m Enrico, originally from Italy, resident in Germany, temporarily in Spain.
I’m a Project Leader/Business Analyst in the area of Enterprise Service Management.
In the last years (before Covid) I already worked mostly remotely in home-office from Germany.
In the last two years I began to swap to Spain for the winter and back in Germany for the summer. This worked for a while as employee but now I’m looking for a 100% remote position, either as employee or as freelancer. Companies in Germany are reluctant to that. They adduce either data security or insurance issues, but there are means to overcome those, the truth is mostly lack of trust.
For the next years I just would like to continue to swap between countries in winter/summer.
I got acquainted with Andalusia and especially the province of Cadiz. If you have questions about this area or if you also live there, then please contact me on this platform.

Best regards,


Hi, Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you Mark!

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Nice to meet you. I’m from Chennai too!