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(Francesca Fuller) #208

Greetings everyone, WOW, This was really confusing trying to find the “reply”, or maybe it’s just me.
Intro: My partner and I are retiring to Portugal, from Vashon Island WA, (we love our island but can’t afford it anymore) hence how we found this site, among others.
We are both artists and looking to get out of this crazy country (so sad), and to an easier way of life with folks you are so helpful, (it’s in their DNA).

And for my first contribution a few items we just found out about.

  1. Portugal Ministry of Foreign Affairs for San Francisco anyway is now going all “on-Line”. They have just updated their application on line, pretty easy to fill out, (blue lines) and we heard back within an hour that it was received and recorded. Next they now have on their website that are doing “mailings” to save folks having to travel. At least that’s what they just put on their site.
  2. Laws in Portugal are in the mist of changing. They are giving owners of apartments a tax break if they can get a 2 year lease. So be aware, also( NOTE here, they are now asking for a year long lease on the residency visa app). This is due to everyone trying to buy buildings and creating “Airbnbs”. Giving the locals some breaks, which I totally get and think it’s great. Portugal is still a very poor country, tech is moving in and hopefully this will help the younger generations and give them a better monthly wage, most folks have to have 2 jobs and work like crazy to pay rent and bills. Rent being almost 50% of their pay check.
    A realtor can usually help you in getting your NIF tax card as they need it for the lease, which has to be recorded for your “residency” visa. Ciao Francesca and Michael.

(Altha 2014) #209

First time on this site looks interesting

(Pavlína Hlavackova) #210

Hi everyone, Pavlina here, a girl from Czech Republic that followed her heart and went living by the ocean. Love the ocean, love writing and creating, love my freedom, love honesty. Standing on my own, living in the now, trusting my gut and trusting life. Currently living in Costa da Caparica, open to new possibilities. Wanna travel the world, live by the ocean, surf, experience life, write, create. Have a beautiful day :dolphin::ocean::butterfly:

(Simon Malster) #211

Hi - Recently joined as looking to become travel nomad, I already work overseas and have for last 25yrs, recently seperated and want to be travelling worldwide as I keep working… Currently working in Kurdistan, and remote camping in europe on time off.

(Senbeta Guteta Abdissa) #212

Hi, Nice to be here.

(Ryan Buchanan) #213

Shalom, my name is Ryan. I am a US citizen that moved to Israel 3 years ago. Got introduced to the backpacking community a few years ago in hostels. I have helped build one and ran one for a while in the Golan heights. I am a builder and while I am not a backpacker and not a world traveler, my wife and I are a different kind of nomad. We live in a Mongolian yurt and have to move it from time to time when the government tries to make way for people who like to live in the box and can’t stomach to see a people living in a big tent. Lol… Greeting to all. If I can be any assistance to any of you traveling to Israel or Palestine, let me know. I have friends on both sides and connected to the hostel system here. Peace be upon you and God be with you in your travels.

(Jon B) #214

Hi Everyone

Im Jon, from the UK and wanting to pack in my 9-5 job and see the world at the young age of 43 :slight_smile:

Will be reading this forum a lot to gain tips and advice from people as I don’t know where to start, it sounds so exciting but also equally important to get paperwork and banking in line also

Feel free to drop me a message and say hi !

(Robert A. Molek) #215

Hello, I’m Robert from :us:and I’m retired and would like to travel to Costa Rica around the farming area to see if the weather and myself can adapt and also to be accepted my the locals. I was raised on a small, small farm by my grandparents (Coal miner), I love living off the land and growing crops and “critters”, chickens, etc…

I need to start understanding traveling and proper etiquette and Cultures and their “Laws” as it’s rightfully so to mind your manners and respect others lifestyles and cultures too. Well, I stop at this point to reflex on the Nomad Gate and friends within I hope.

Thank you

(Gibson Maru) #216

Hi I’m Gibson from Papua New Guinea and live in Wewak, East Sepik Province. I am a secondary school teacher and am really looking forward to learning something new to make money online. I do not have experience in such but I am hoping you help me with that. Thanks.
Gibson. :slight_smile:

(Charles Mercier) #217

I don’t know if I really am a nomad. I have lived in many places and I do often move. I’ve lived in - after leaving my childhood home, LA, San Diego, Tucson, the Wash DC area, Moab Utah an Paris France. I’m presently trying to set myself up to move to Porto. I do love to travel. I will be visiting 12 cities in February. (It is now the first of the month.) I also love to bike tour.

I’m just a poor, not-starving artist working jobs that are only OK simply to make ends meet. I’d love to do nothing but paint if I could!

(Danko) #218

Hi, I´m Danko

Mexican, traveler in search of been a nomad sometime soon, but for now traveling everytime i can.

Nice to meet you

(Mahdi El Talati) #219

Hello Nomads,

I’m Belgian , Flemmish speaking, 60y of age, International truckdriver in pension and living in Morocco in the region Ouarzazate “The gate to the Sahara” and / or “The Hollywood of Afrika” … I keep myself busy with trading the financial markets, driving one of my motorbikes, internet, tv, and my adopted pets : dog Bob, cat Kitty, tomcat Pinokkio and last but not least my dear wife Halima …

(Andrew Gooden) #220

Greeting Nomad Members,

It is great to be a member of your honorable community. I am a deaf citizen and resides in the island of Jamaica. Making plans to relocate to the Republic of Panama, so the information and advice you have in this community will be found useful by me.

I am in the field of Library Administration for the past 27 years and this year when it end should be 28 years. At present I have taken up freelance writing in my spare time and will be doing it full time later on. This new career path should assist me with my Nomad life style.

Thank you for taking time to read my words.

Wish all members prosperity and success. `

Andrew Gooden

(keu) #221

Hi Everyone, :footprints:
I´m Terii - just another computer Guy -
I´m looking for a better independency from the same “prehistorical bank institutions system” I´ve seen for the past 40 years…so as to move arround “my” planet without being treated as a tax frauder, a terrorist or a Narco Dealer…Nomads are just working people like billion others ! (they are just ahead of their time)…thats all !
code till you drop… :slight_smile:

(Susanne Fornasier) #222

Hi everybody :wave:,
my name is Soussen and I’m an artist :paintbrush:, Social Media Manager :iphone: and classical expat from Germany. Within the first half of this year my family and I will move to New Jersey. My hubby got a new job there. For me as an artist it doesn’t really matter where I live and work. So far I lived and worked in:

:australia: Australia,
:qatar: Qatar,
:de: Germany

I like the idea of being a digital nomad. Even though I’m a classical expat both have a lot in common.
I stumbled upon this community while searching for information regarding bank accounts and us taxes.
The first impression is really good so i reckon I’ll look here for infos regularly.

So take care everybody. :sunglasses:

(Tolly) #223

Hi all,

My name is Tolly (pronounced just like Holly or Polly) :wink:. I’ve just joined after doing a comparison of neo-banks :bank:. I probably have more bank accounts than I care to share, but I’m proud the banks listed in the review are all mine–including some of the runner-ups! :money_mouth_face: One not reviewed is TransferWise Borderless Account, which I’ve been happy with since moving to Germany.

I’m American :us: from St. Louis, MO
Currently live in Munich, Germany :de:;
And I’ve previously lived in London :uk: and Amsterdam :netherlands:.

I love to travel in every method :earth_africa::globe_with_meridians::airplane::ship::anchor:…in fact it’s an addiction I suppose. I’ve not lived in the US since 2012 and have no desire to go back anytime soon. :thinking:

Thanks for starting Nomad Gate and I hope to learn more tips as I continue my journey as a Nomad. :wave:t5:

(T. Ahuja) #224

Great. I will be following same shortly.:slightly_smiling_face:

(Atli Freyr Sigurlaugarson) #225

Hey guys just some pure bread Icelander here which means being a prick is just in my blood! :wink: i come from men that the Vikings thought were too much for the rest of them and those guys we not right in the head :smiley :smile: so yeah basically here to learn and to have fun at the same time.
Birth name is Atli but i go by Hrafnaflóki

Welcome to the Nomad Gate community!
(Santos greg) #226

Its always nice to have you be happy with help of others

(Kareem D Phillip-Jackson) #227

Hi Guys! My name is Kareem and I’ve been a digital nomad for about 9 months. I spent most of last year back packing around different states and cities in the US and spent the last 5 months on the island of Grenada in the Caribbean. Am planning to backpack through South America within the next couple months and be a full on Nomad. I am a Software Engineer and I work full time for a remote company and I freelance on the side. I also enjoy photography and videography. Happy to be a part of this community and looking forward to meeting some of you on my travels!