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(Jón Björn ólafsson) #228

Hi I am Jon from Iceland.

I travel and make movies. Seeking advice from seasoned nomads and found this community.

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(Servin Loefstop) #229

Hi Community,

My name is Servin Loefstop I am from Aruba :sun_with_face::palm_tree:
At the moment I am building my first e-commerce website.
My fav places I have visited is Spain :heart:, a bunch of Caribbean islands and most of West EU.

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(Catherine Beaman) #230

Greetings from Pennsylvania, USA :us: My husband and I are in the midst of planning to move to São Miguel, Azores, Portugal :portugal: My parents retired to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico :mexico: in 1996, so I know you can do it, and do it well.
When we went to the Azores for the first time, we had no clue where it was. It was an affordable trip, booked it and never looked back. We just fell in love with it. Decided, then and there to move.:palm_tree::sun_behind_rain_cloud:
We have traveled at least 3 times a year internationally since 1997, when we met.

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(Adam ) #231

Hi, Polish and South African living and building investment property in Vanuatu.

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(Jakes Maree) #235

I am Jakes from South Africa and we(my wife and I)are in the process of moving to Portugal(over the course of the next 2 years) which we will make our home base and travel Europe and Eastern Europe.

It seems a lot of Nomads posting here have got fancy careers like IT, Developing products and ideas, writing books and columns, lecturing etc.

We are both retiring from our joint business of selling timber. Just normal sales people. Our son will be taking over the running of the business and we will be trying to source stock from European countries whilst enjoying our travels. We trade in Used Railway Sleepers , supplying nurseries, landscapers, furniture makers etc. Unfortunately our sources in Africa have practically dried up.

Normally the rail construction people in Europe just stack all the old used timber in their yards, not really knowing what to do with it. It will be our challenge and exciting project to find these storage places and talk business on our trips.

My favourite places to visit are Crakow in Poland, Hoi An in Vietnam and
Swakopmundt in Namibia. Snorkeling in Eilat in the Gulf of Aqaba and Sharm el-Sheikh(Egypt) was also exceptional

Finally if any of the Nomad Gate community come across any of these timber storage places, please reply here.

Looking forward to chat with all the Nomads.

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(Deon Oberholzer) #236

Hi Nomads!

I am Deon Oberholzer from South Africa and has been a nomad at heart all my life. Will be taking up a position in Papua New Guinea soon and have been looking around for information on the following:

  1. Best medical/travel insurance for that neck of the woods
  2. Best banking arrangement to keep my earnings offshore
  3. Any other practical advice on living in PNG - Mt Hagen to be more precise.
    On the road again…

(Joel Kano) #237

Hi, I am Joe. I’m well traveled but, not exactly location-independant yet,…working on it. I love the warmer climates the most. I’m looking to learn more about the Philippines but, love traveling just about anywhere, really.


(Priscilla Elgersma) #238

I’m Priscilla and hopefully will be living in France in a couple of years. Just starting to navigate setting up bank accounts and purchasing a home. Very excited and any recommendations or tips would be appreciated.


(Michael Naftaliev) #239

Hey Everyone,

My name is Michael and I am a Russian -Canadian living in Austria. I was born in Moscow, moved to Toronto when I was young and then to Vienna for university, where I met my wife and started a family. I studied international business administration and worked in international sales for several years, working with the UN and delivering humanitarian aid to over 120 countries all over the world. Now I have my own short-term rental business for tourists in Vienna and I work with an Estonian company as the head of marketing and PR . I travel to Tallinn periodically, otherwise I work remotely.

I joined NomadGate because the company I work for, Blockhive, recently launched a project geared to entrepreneurs and digitally-inclined business people. The project is an eResidency services provider and we hope to be able to educate and provide assistance for anyone interested in obtaining eResidency status (helping with bank account opening, taxes, legal address, etc. Other than that, we also provide blockchain-based financing technology for business people looking to raise funds for their projects /companies.

In short, I really connected with the company philosophy and hope that NomadGate will be a place for an exchange of value and awesome conversations for all of us, personally and professionally. Feel free to reach out!

Cheers, Michael

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(Thomas K. Running) #240

Ah, too bad you didn’t join a few days earlier @beeis4blockhive. I was just in Vienna!

Welcome anyway, and catch you next time! :slight_smile:


(Mark Oliver) #241


I am a freelance Software Developer and will be moving to Malta in March.
Formerly from Germany and at the moment in Texas


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(Nazmul Ahsan Plabon) #242

Actually i am from Mymensingh. Also i am a businessman but not well.I want to starting a hydrocarbon fuel plant in my city. Travelling is my very favorite but my wallet not support me at this time so i see dream and try to establish my self.
All around the world i want to see i want to know about all lifestyle also many more but a short life time also situation makes unable for it! How funny !

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(Bailey Benz) #243

Hello! My name is Bailey :slight_smile: I’ll call myself a seasoned amateur nomad? Haha not quite a veteran and always learning. My trips have usually lasted about 3 months to various locations. Some for just travels, some studying, etc. I’m searching for a bit of clarity and a bit of adventure. My current life is in Phuket, Thailand. I’ll be here for another month and then headed back to the states for a week, then continuing into Central and South America. I love abstract painting, philosophy, psychology, observing humanity, and learning about the stars. Thanks for the welcome! I’m excited to expand my knowledge and tools for travel. Also - my most current interest has been a podcast called the End of the World with Josh Clark. Check it out… it’s devastation and beauty mashed together.

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(Felizarda) #244

Hi everyone!

Thank you for accepting me in this group that looks very dynamic. I’m Felizarda. I’m going to start to be nomad next summer and I’m preparing everything. I love traveling and the stock market, which I think is a great combination for my life. I hope to learn a lot from you all. regards from Switzerland (jet)

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(Mark Oliver) #245

HI Kareem

what kind of Software development are you doing and how is it working with the remote company ?

I will start doing remote working in a month but will probably also go back to the office every 3 weeks.



(Kareem D Phillip-Jackson) #246

Hi Mark,

I do full stack web development…I work with a diverse stack mostly made up of node and ruby on the backend, reactjs and emberjs on the frontend. Also do a bit of elixir and phoenix. Working remote is great! I love it! A plus for me is that everyone in the company is remote, its a bit different from having some in a central office. What about you? What do you do?


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(Mark Oliver) #247

I do old school stuff :rofl::rofl::rofl:, at the moment C# (webservice and wpf window clients), Oracle for a German company. Formerly also a lot of C++ (Unix, Linux, Windows).
Did look into Asp.Net Core, which is also running on Mac and Linux …

:thinking::thinking: Guess its time for me to get into JavaScript and Web …


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(Mariska Reinerink) #248

Hi everyone, I’m a brand-new member of this community. :new: My name is Mariska and I’m currently in Vancouver, Canada. Not quite a nomad yet, but getting ready to lift my roots and start travelling and teaching around the world. :dancer::flight_departure::flight_departure::flight_departure:
Am originally from Holland, so am sure I’ll spend quite a bit of time there, as well as in warmer parts of the world. :sunglasses::sun_with_face::sun_with_face:

I am a Behavioural Money Coach, and in case you don’t know what that means… :thinking: I help people understand their subconsicous relationship to money, money stress etc. It’s about the psychology of money, rather than just the numbers. :money_with_wings:

I :heart: running workshops, travelling, dogs :dog2::dog2: sunshine, wine :wine_glass::wine_glass: and cooking :woman_cook:

Lol… boy it’s hard to bring in so many emoji’s. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, the book I’d highly recommend is called Money Magic, by Deborah Price. Don’t worry, it’s not a boring book…:grin:

Looking forward to getting to know some of you and getting ideas on how to best be a nomad. :wave::wave::wave:


(Gulcan Arpacioglu Adams) #249

Hi everyone!

I am happy to join this group. I am just about to start my online courses about personal development and stress-relief. I live in Istanbul, Turkey.

Best wishes,

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