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(Mark Bailey) #270

Soon to retire from 35 year career in Mining to focus on my 40 year passion of application development.

Ex Aussie living in Mongolla hamstrung by hopeless banking and red tape so looking at e-Residency Estonia to set up my business.

Some great articles on this site that have already given me a better insight into what to watch out for.

Looking forward to participating.

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(KW LAM) #271

Hi, I am a new member of Nomadgate. No need to introduce about Brexit, this is the reason I found this web site. Friends and my family are considering to get a second home in Portugal, like most of you I guess (except the “BX” part!).

Thomas has made a wonderful and informative web site about GV Portugal, and makes my life much easier to find necessary information I need. Well done Thomas.


(Amine Cheikh) #272

Hello there everyone ! :smiley:

I’m a Moroccan Interior/Furniture designer, currently just working in design firms gather some experience while building up my business plan for a multi-service company (Design, SEO, Internet marketing).

I started getting interested in the internet marketing subject for a few months, searching about & getting ebooks & courses about the subject.
I’m looking forward to working for some SEO/Internet marketing company worldwide & also get to travel the world (the only spot i went to so far is Paris :sweat_smile:).

Anyway ! Happy to be apart of the community, hoping i can build strong relationships with common interest members ! hoping you all are having a great day so far :slight_smile:

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(Patricia Berthelier) #273

Hi Every Body!
I’m French, and getting ready for a nomadic life now that i’m retiring from teaching and getting rid of most of my ‘belongings’, excepting my bikes. I’m a cycling freak, have been for quite a number of years now. I’ve grown into a crazy gravel/mountain bike-packer and love taking on challenges like the French Divide, or Act-5, or in a few months the Bohemia Divide. My favourite reads are blogs like Tales on Tyres or epic bikepacking tales like the ones found in the Bikepacking Journal. On a more classical level, i love all Shakespeare’s plays, he knew it all…the world in a brilliantly poetic nutshell. I’m planning to create a business to empower women, especially those who think they’'re too old, or too unsporty, or not deserving enough, or too stupid, or whatever, through discovering unsupported long distance bikepacking in the Alps, or wherever! There’ll be news about this on my blog Pérégrinations in the weeks or months to come. End of the year, I’ll be in Australia, then New Zealand, don’t know yet for how long. And before that I will have spent several weeks in Costa Rica. Wow, that was long, sorry guys!..One more thing though: thanks a lot TKRunning for that awesome Nomadic space you’re gifting us with! Love it.

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(Inaki garcia ) #274

Hi there!!
Im Spanish, but since 9 years ago Im not living in Spain. Im totally a Nomad and in this moment Im in Venezuela. I arrived here one year ago and every day is worst, anyway, In Venezuela, If you know how, when and where you can ear money with import/export but the quality of the life is not so good. Life here is not cheap, Europe countries are cheaper than Venezuela so probably I will go to another country, Poland probably with PEPE, my dog.

I love surfing, traveling and dog (my dog).
If I can help someone Im ready for it. :smiley:

Thanks mates!

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(Tia Richardson) #275

Hello, my name is Tia and I am not :no_entry_sign: a digital nomad :computer:. I was introduced to this site by a friend that knows how I like to “facilitate” things for people.(all kinds of things :magnet:) I am from the US :us:originally and currently live and work in MEXICO. :mexico:

I moved here years ago because of the economic opportunity to benefit from the Baby Boomer :man_with_turban:t3::woman_with_turban:t3: retirement community. However, with the advancement in technology :abacus::printer::floppy_disk::cd::desktop_computer: and fiber optics being upgraded here in Mexico :palm_tree: there are a number of digital nomads choosing my area next to the :parasol_on_ground: to take up residence or to vacation. Rent rooms, houses, bungalows along the :beach_umbrella:.

My intent in joining this community is to educate :ledger:myself on what the Digital Nomads want and need to be successful. If I can facilitate providing services :taco::soccer::desert_island::volcano::anchor: to local or even short or long term housing :house: to the growing community I may be able to help local people here on the Pacific Coast of México to earn income by providing affordable alternatives.

I hope that I did not overstep :sandal: any boundaries :hole: in asking to join the community. I love to educate myself on the “not so ordinary” :alien: opportunities to connect people to what they want.

I come from a high volume customer service management background, in the grocery, legal cannabis, coffee, and building industries. I tear down and then build back up systems, operations, policies, and procedures to create a better functioning small business. -Coffee :coffee: and all things artesenal :tumbler_glass: are my passions.

I personally enjoy surfishing, :fishing_pole_and_fish: off-shore fishing, hiking :mountain: , community engagement :sailboat: , green projects :ocean: as they affect my new country´s biodeversity :seedling:, and small business development :checkered_flag:

I am full of questions.


(Jeanine ) #276

Jeanine here! Retired :tada::confetti_ball::champagne: from US based corporation a year and a half ago :tada: with the intent of spending significant time abroad. Spend much time in :ireland: :shamrock: researching family roots. Looking forward to future adventures of hiking :hiking_boot: and biking :biking_woman: in Europe and wherever life take me!


(Daniel Zhou) #277

Hi everyone! This is Daniel, a programmer from China, 25yo. I ran my own blockchain startup in 2018 in Hangzhou China, and now about to participate in a PhD program for the next years, possibly in US. Here’s my blog containing a little bit geeky stuff:

Programmer is a nomad friendly vocation. But China is not a nomad friendly nationality. I’ve been dreaming of becoming a world wanderer for long and planning to do so. After my PhD years I’ll start my life as a world citizen. Maybe I’ll start with a new passport. Actually I’ve addressed my first step with an Estonia e-resident application!

Nomad Gate is a amazing website full of solid articles. It’s delightful to meet you nomads. I have a question for you: What’s in your luggage case? I’ve been trying to limit all my belongings inside a 30 inch case and a backpack but found it challenging. I look forward to hear insights from you guys.

Books I’d recommend:
Tolerance, Hendrik Willem Van Loon
1984, George Orwell
Animal Farm, George Orwell
Les miserables, Victor Hugo
Three body, Liu Cixin

Books I’m reading:
Principles, Ray Dalio
Convict Conditioning, Paul Wade

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(Younes Ouhbi) #278

Hi I’m Younes from :morocco:. I’m about to begin the nomadic lifestyle even though it is off to a rocky start :slight_smile:
I am a software architect :classical_building: developer :desktop_computer: programmer :musical_keyboard:, I also design and make games :video_game:
I’m not good with emojis but I tried my best!

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(Giovanni Derasmo) #279

Hi everyone. I am Giovanni, a scuba and freediving instructor from italy, currently based in Malaysia. I travel a lot for work, and I face all the challenges connected with that, so I am here to share ideas about how to make life simpler while moving from place to place around the world.

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(Seng Manichanh) #280

Hi all!
I came from Southeast Asia, will be going to Bangkok next month; just want to know what is the best way to open an account for international travel, so I don’t have to carry cash while traveling, Thanks!

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(Terii) #281

HI Vanh thoui,
hmmm, depends where you can open this from…
I guess in Asia I heard that CityBank works well and HSBC too for travelers if you have the funds.
…elsewhere most Bank will require that you have some proof of residence in their country - at least as
a student - or from a residing Friend.
then you ll need at least an address + phone number in their country to open an account in a virtual Bank, for instance. That is necessary to receive your debit/credit Card next…
Finally beside having an account you ll have to find a way to transfer funds to your new Bank, using Swift way most probably and Iban way if your orginal Bank offers it.
Note that some Online Bank will reject funds received in the Swift way…
voili voila…:slight_smile:

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(Mike ) #282

Hey everyone.
Mike here.
I guess I’m a digital nomad… Back home in Manchester for a few months, planning by next long term stay somewhere… Thinking Lisbon at the minute… Loved it when I was there… So why not I guess!

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(Bruno Santos) #283

Hello everyone.

My name is Bruno.

I live in sunny Lisbon Portugal.

I work in Real Estate Consulting and Brokerage and cannot at this time go nomad :roll_eyes:

I have interest in finding the best way to keep the best part of my earnings so i can reinvest them in other ventures, and go nomad in a couple of years.

I’m also interested in other business opportunities that will help me get passive income and go nomad.

Will thank any help i get here.

If anyone needs anything from Lisbon ill try and help out.



(Nanae Gendre-Miyazaki) #284

Hi, I am Nanae. I am originally from Tokyo, Japan but have been living in Switzerland since 1981. As I took an early retirement 5 years ago, I have been a globetrotter since then, mainly hiking, safaris, surfing, snowboarding and diving in remote corners of this planet with my American partner.
I’ve discovered this web site because of the question of the global travel/health insurance, after having seen a serious snowboarding accident of my friend in Japan.
I hope I can find some useful information as well as being useful to other globetrotters if I can.

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(Pamela Goncalves) #285

Hi folks - I am an American expat living in Portugal. I’ve just started a little business and am trying to figure out the US tax code for this. I found this site through one of the informative articles posted on this subject and decided to join. Excited to be here. /Pam


(Yevgeni Vainshtein) #286

Hi I’m Jev. I’m based in Germany I’m Nomad since 2013, Was living in Latvia, Israel, Angola, Moscow and now Germany. I’m Business Development Director, Project Manager and Senior Presale Director focused on Cloud. Worked in Such companies as: Huawei, Canonical, Cogent, Verint , D-Link and many others.

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(Ndayishimiye Rita) #287

I’m Stella from France.Great to be here. Am a student(not nomad yet:smile:) I came across this blog searching infos about online banks.
I recommend the book " The four hour work week by Tim Ferriss"

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(Rumen Zaprianov) #288

Rumen Zapryanov
Former Head of Treasury, liquidity and markets for Alpha Bank Bulgaria and Chairman of Assets and Liabilities Committee (ALCO) 12 years. Total banking experience 23 years. Last 4+ years working as Financial consultant for my own company - consulting corporate clients (CEO’s, COO’s and CFO’s) and banks on balance sheet optimization, cost optimization and cost cut, products, Business Continuity Plans (BCP), treasury operations, currencies and currency deals, IT systems and products etc.

MSc in Finance from University of National and World Economy

My current desire is ti find EU digital bank that want to open branch / franchise in Bulgaria with very very attractive conditions and great opportunities ahead. Did not find any so far. I spoke with many of them. I keep trying. Have whole team with me and lots of documentation.

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(Diana Dias) #289

Hi Everyone, Thank you Thomas for the warm welcome. I stumbled upon this site looking for information on opening bank accounts in Portugal. I am from Goa, India and a Portuguese nationality. Hoping in the future to settle in Portugal. I keep visiting the place as I think I left my heart there :):heart_eyes:. So looking forward to getting fluent in the language and also getting information on business opportunities, affordable accommodation and schools.

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