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(Susanne Fornasier) #311

Hi Camelia, welcome here. I’m a huge Terry Pratchett buff as well. Hope you find here the answers you’re looking for. This plattform has a great knowledge.

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(Mette Glargaard) #312

Totally thrilled about this community! Woohoo!
I am 52 and have been nomadic my whole life - just didn’t live it until a few years back.
I am Danish, but have a NIE in Spain and am just now starting to figure out how to really be location independent.

I don’t have kids, most of my family is dead from drinking and I have friends all over the world whom I consider to be my family. Especially those in Latin America are close to my heart.

I speak 4-5 languages, Danish being my native, English number 2 and Spanish slowly coming along which is great since I prefer the American continent. I always traveled a lot - my first solo trip was at 19 where I traveled from Denmark to Morocco by train for a month.
Next was Central America when I was 25 and I swore to come back. I am here right now - in Nicaragua, but leaving in 2 weeks to go to Canada where my boyfriend has his family - her’s becoming a nomad as well.
Plans for the next year is to show him Europe - maybe scootch around there for a year :slight_smile:

Looking forward to getting to know you all!


(PS. I make my money as an online psychotherapist and couples counsellor, author (on Amazon) and online courses)

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(Burt Shane) #313

Hello, everybody!

Ex Indian Army… Loitering in life, wasting time even as it wastes me.
Lived in Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Romania. Travelled around many other places.
Favourite places: Upper Himalayas above 4000 meters, Andaman & Nicobar Is., Vienna. Currently considering a long term stint in Portugal.
Photography, flying, mountain climbing, chess, music, high altitude wild flowers and gardening.

I wish you all happiness!


(Asterios Gontikas) #314

Hi my name is Asterios, I am Greek and speak several languages (Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Spanish and English) Lived around in Europe (Romania, Greece, Hungary, England, Spain) Latin America (Colombia) and in the US. If you would like to know more about me please visit my page here Thanks and have an excellent day


(Marwen) #315

My name is marwan zulfani. i work for the lebanese company leoni in the branch located in tunisia. it is in the manufacture of audi car refrigerators and talented football.

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Welcome to the Nomad Gate community!

Hi; I have some questions regarding my CURVE Card; can I ask you?


(Julianna P. Greer ) #317

My name is Julianna and I fell in love with traveling when I was a college student in France. (a long time ago!) My husband and I have been to over 30 countries so far. Our most extensive trip was 7 weeks in Africa: Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya and Egypt.
My most memorable places are “View of the World” in Zimbabwe, the temples of Luxor and Karnak, and Mont St. Michel.
We both have Scottish ancestry and were left speechless at the beauty of Scotland, esp. the Highlands.
Our next goal to circle the globe for 3-4 months, focusing on India, SE Asia, and Australia/New Zealand. So I spend many contented hours reading and researching to determine our “must do or see” list.
We will probably get our round-the-world tickets through the OneWorld alliance, which will dictate our stops to some degree. On the other hand, I have read that AirTreks is the best service for plotting a course and finding the best airfares irrespective of airline alliances. Any recommendations in this regard would be much appreciated.
We also love train travel, so your recommendations in this regard will also be helpful.
Thanks in advance…

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(Tiffany Watkins) #318

Hi Everyone!

I am based in Vegas. I assist people who travel mainly from overseas to ensure a smooth travel plan and also allow them to have a friendly and knowledgeable partner in the US in their travel time zone to set up tours, dinners, transportation and more.

I also run a tourist gun shooting experience. If you’re interested in adventure travel, let me know! I have access to very cool experiences.



(World Citizen) #319

Hi Fabio,

I’m Luc and I have been toying with the idea of moving to Malta and working 6 months / year remotely to just pay all bills. I want to do short-term contracting in the NL. I do have contacts there that can broker jobs for me, but I am still struggling with how to do it efficiently from a tax perspective.

Would you mind sharing your experience in the NL as far as how you’re dealing with work and residence permits as well as income tax from your salary there?

Hope you do not find this inappropriate. Many thanks in advance and much appreciated!

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(Nick Leszai) #320

Hello, my name is Nick. I have been a nomad at heart for many years, but in 2017 I made it a bit more official. I do not work anywhere, nor am I a resident anywhere. I am a citizen of 3 countries, but do not live in any of them and generally try to avoid being in any one place too long. I make my living off investing and trading. I am also a trained and experienced coach, something I still practice. My interest, beside travel and exploring, are discussions on society and the human condition, good food and good drink and of course the endless intricacies of the financial markets. For more about me, if anyone is curious, see Looking forward to learning from all of you!


(Mark A Gilbert) #321

Quick Introduction:

Young thinking (but they tell me I am not so young) entrepreneur that enjoys travel, learning, reading, exploring and technology. Based in NYC / Portland OR, Tucson AZ and the World.

Looking to explore Nomad Gate