Introduce yourself! 👋

Hello. My name is J. Ramon Carbajosa, My friends call me Montxo.

I was born in Spain. Lived in the US, Brazil, Denmark, Portugal, UK and currently in Senegal. I like to see myself as a nomad and I am still planning additional moves.

I am into business development. I help companies export. My background is in business and finance and environment.

I am bilingual in English/Spanish. I also speak French and Portuguese and some Danish.

I am interested in getting to know how the Nomad community develops and tackles some of the challenges it faces.

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Hello! My name is Yvonne and I’m french-salvadorean. I’m a fiscal resident of El Salvador but spend most of my time between my second home in Miami and Europe. I speak spanish, english, french and italian. Ever since I divorced 5 years ago, I have been traveling the world looking for a place where to start a new life…still looking.
I’m looking forward to connecting with this community and share common interests.
I think my first question to all of you will be: what do you respond when people ask you " where do you live?" :crazy_face: To me, that’s the hardest question to answer socially; only followed by “what do you do?”~ I travel the world devouring as much knowledge as I can and follow my interests: Art history, languages, workshops on jewelry making, perfumery, silk flower making, ethnic weaving, leather accessories, chess, philosophy, salsa dancing, etc. Currently, I’m a garden designer in the making.

I’m excited to learn from all of you :smiley:

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Hi there, I’m Jackson from Ireland :ireland: currently on holiday in Ferragudo in The Algarve.
I do plan to retire here, :sunglasses: hopefully later this year so found the info on how to get a Fiscal No and also how to open a Bank Account :euro: very interesting.
I’m sure I’ll do a lot more surfing :surfing_woman: on here so look forward to reading ur comments.

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Hi fellow Nomads! I’m Marc and It’s great to be part of this vibrant community :slight_smile:
I divide my time wandering about in Europe and Canada.
As of a year ago, I am mostly nomadic while I work as a researcher and in data systems analytics administration. When I’m not working on my laptop I’m known to fly sport planes, climb rock walls and sail around. See you out there!

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Hello everyone! I’m Revushka, a semi-seasoned traveler, newbie nomad, writer, and freelance editor. Expatriate :us:, currently residing in :czech_republic: with my husband and our :cat2:. We’re fans of chilli peppers, Indian cooking, live music, and cheap drinks. Looking forward to learning and sharing! Hit me up if you have questions (or advice!) about Czech bureaucracy or cat travel.

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Hi everyone.

I am José Ramon (call me Ray). I am from Spain but have lalso lived in half a dozen different countries. I am a newbie nomad. I am an environmental consultant working for a UK company and living in Dakar, Senegal.

If you need information about French speaking Central and West Africa, do not hesitate to contact me.


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:wave: Hey all!

I’m Toby - A remote software developer from the UK who recently enjoyed travelling around Spain and France so much, I’m in the process of moving out of my London flat and gaining Estonian e-Residency so I can travel whilst working easier.

Looking forward to seeing you around!

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I’m Kevin, originally a typical American, I’ve lived overseas for 8 years with 6 of those in China. I’m now completely fluent in Mandarin and after 4 years at China’s top tech firm, I’m trying to figure out how to leverage this unique background as a China tech consultant. :nerd_face::cn:

This has allowed me to join the ranks of you fine people; the new nomads.:kissing_smiling_eyes:

I love summers in the Pacific Northwest, and most other times in festive Rio de Janeiro or naturally beautiful Sydney Australia.

For the aspiring enlightened and/or non-arrogant person, I’d recommend vipassana meditation and a book like Waking Up by Sam Harris for a nice kick in the ego.:person_in_lotus_position:

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Hello my name is Paul, my work is Porfolio management trading and Real-Estate. My luck is that I can travel and work. My computer is my best friend! Wherever I am I earn my money every day. That is very important, I am proud and make other people happy with it. I hope to get to know people here who work and travel just like me. You only live once :slight_smile:

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Nice To meet you Henri

Nice to meet you

Hi, I’m Manu, I officially live in Montreal, Canada, a wonderful city but I spend a lot of time abroad, there is so much to see and experience ! I m Preparing my TEFL certification to teach English as a foreign language while still travelling. I ve been travelling for the past 20 years either by sailboat, plane, train and van. I especially enjoyed Australia, Mexico and Iceland even if language there was a bummer.
I am also a sailor and sailed across the Atlantic, I have a special attraction with the ocean, the sea, water…
Currently reading Masaru Emoto, “The true power of water”
Thanks Thomas for sharing all your work and creating this community.
To the community, all the best with our projects, sharing and helping each other on the way!

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Hello, I am Max. American :us:, originally from Poland ​:poland: I am IT freelancer, focused on business intelligence, with global exposure. Nice meeting you all.

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Hi everyone, nice to meet you all.
I have been a nomad all my life starting in :netherlands:, across :eu: and Americas and APJ. I worked in more then 30 countries and 3 continents in corporate IT. I speak few languages and have multiple nationalities. I am a pilot in my free time besides being a computer geek and a languages freak.
I am finding myself at a point in my life where I got to move again. I :heart: this site and thought to become part of the community. I am looking forward to connect with those who had to deal in :us: and in :eu: with the logistics from taxes to currency to health. Carpe Diem!


Hi all

I’m Graham, living near Birmingham (Longbridge - where they used to build British cars :smirk:).

Mental health professional, with a keenness on Fintech, principally mobile banking and all things related.

On the road most of the week - sometimes in hospitals and others in hotels :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

Keen to see what’s happening here…

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Hi, I’m Niels, originally from :netherlands:. I work in software development, mostly as a technical writer these days although I still have a development side hustle. Strictly speaking, I’m not really a nomad but I work remotely from :canada: for a :us::netherlands: company and occasionally do extended “workations”, most recently in :new_zealand:. I also try to take time off work as much as possible to enjoy :earth_africa::mountain_snow::tent::mountain_biking_man:
The information on Nomad Gate has been extremely useful so far and I look forward to contributing. :+1:


Hi Everybody!

It’s great to be part of this community and look forward to participating actively wherever I can be of help.:raising_hand_man:

I’m currently working in the Middle East but I’m thinking of moving to Malta and cutting ties with employers to live a freer life as an international contractor for some months in the year, travelling the rest. :wink: I hope I can profit from the experience of other nomads here to find the right way to get this done efficiently.

I’ve been an expat for the last 25 years, having worked and lived in 9 countries. Kinda nomad already, isn’t it… :earth_africa::earth_americas:

As a result I think, I love to enjoy diversity and to adapt to the “environment”. So, difficult to pinpoint clear preferences. I like the sandy beaches of Northeast Brazil as much as I liked visiting Tokyo! Why be limited? Every place has something great to offer, although some places require you to look really harder (Riyadh in Saudi Arabia comes to mind… :sweat_smile:). Sports is an important part of my life, as is nice chats with friends around food, music and drinks! :joy:

Thanks for the people behind the Nomad Gate! It’s a great resource. Your hard work is certainly most appreciated.


Hi Guys and Girls!

I’m a filmmaker and a crypto enthusiast,mostly shooting advertisement.
Wherever the jobs happen.
So I travel a lot.Love this community,full of great ideas.

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Hi everyone, I’m Lina, a half :de: half :cn: currently living and working in :jp:

I work for an online advertisement agency in Tokyo and just had a taste of working remotely for half a month, needless to say it was great :wink: I’m not a nomad yet but my goal is to become location independent by the end of next year so I can work and travel at the same time :airplane: :earth_asia:

Not sure if I can make any useful contributions to the community since I’m just learning about how to live a nomad life, but the info here has been really helpful so hopefully I’ll be able to help someone else as well :blush:


Hello my name is Emory Cardozo :brazil:, a Brazilian living in Brazil, but wanting to learn about the techniques used by digital nomads, capital protection, etc.

Thank you in advance for your help.