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Greetings all,

I am an American, southern born and raised. (You’ll catch on to that soon with my constant use of ‘y’all’ lol) I currently live on the Gulf Coast but am planning to move to the Algarve region of Portugal on October 1.

I’ve begun the process of gathering the documents needed for the Portuguese consulate in D.C. Since I live farther than 150 miles from D.C. I will be sending everything by mail. I’m hoping there are individuals here who have done so and might be able to offer advice.

I have found a place to lease long term but cannot sign the contract until I have an NIF. I contacted one attorney I found online but his fee was nearly $500 for this service. I’ve read in another forum that there are many greedy solicitors charging unwitting Americans outrageous sums to get them a temporary NIF and that anything much in excess of $100 is too much.

I’m hoping to receive advice and recommendations from members of this forum regarding who I might contact for the purpose of getting me an NIF.

On a positive note, I went to IdenToGo, a subsidiary of Almedia, and an approved FBI channeler last Thursday to get fingerprinted. My clearance letter from the FBI arrived in my email box less than 18 hours later. Needless to say, that was the best $50 I’ve ever spent.

Well, that’s about all for now. I look forward to learning more about the members here as well as the process of obtaining a residency visa in Portugal through the DC embassy. I know there is much beyond that stage, but once I get to Portugal, I feel that will be easier to navigate the steps than this initial phase. I hope so, anyway.

Warm regards,

:wave: Im KB from :zimbabwe: I used to be more nomadic in the past having studied & lived in the UK and Japan in the 80’s and 90’s. Im considering new options and have found this site very useful. So thank you Thomas :raised_hands:
I manage an export company in Harare the capital of Zim. I love mountain biking, photography, birding and outdoors in general.
Favourite places in :zimbabwe: - Gonarezhou (Place of Elephants), Hwange and Mana Pools. Others - Cape Town, Scotland, Madrid, Algarve

Hi everyone, am Ada from Nigeria​:nigeria::v:t3:. I work as a freelancer, VA and do church tech. Launching a church tech Africa company soon. I love Madrid and Capetown. I hope to visit south American countries like Brazil, Argentina and paraguay next year.
Am interested in transcription softwares if anyone here does this, please let me know.
I will also like to have friends from Brazil and Paraguay. I will like to invest and get citizenship.

I love Reading, action movies and soccer. I recommend Good to Great by Jim Collins and Expert secrets by Runsell brunson.

Its great to be here. I look forward to learning.

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I’m Javier, an African-Carribean-Indigenous Anarchist who loves Ayiti (Haiti) / Hispaniola. I don’t own many physical items, but I always recommend everyone buy anything and everything you can from Black and Indigenous peoples and their businesses.


Hi Vincent, thanks for the salesman podcast recommendations.

Hi Akan, I currently stay in Lagos but moving next year.

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Hi Ada, lovely to have you on board. I only relocated from Lagos to Abuja in December :grinning:

You will definitely have lots of fun in South America. You should be looking at polishing your Spanish and or Portuguese (assuming you are not already fluent). I have some audio books I am happy to share with you (I hope to visit Lagos again before December).

With regards to gaining citizenship via investment, you are looking more at investing your time as well as some money. Your choices could include Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama (I would not recommend), Honduras, Colombia (my favorite), Peru, Argentina, Chile (gives you access to the US), Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay and finally Brazil. Depending on which country you choose, you will be looking at either showing that you have a monthly passive income outside their country or establishing a business/investment with their different minimums. You are looking at a waiting period of between 3-10 years depending on the country. The buying of property or investing in a business options where you will be spending over $150,000 will fast track your permanent visa status (in some cases, reducing your wailting period by 5 years) but you will still be waiting a few years for citizenship. I can’t remember but I believe they all have world wide taxation, you should check this for the countries you are interested in.

Brazil costs about $160,000 in real estate, government bonds or business but you get your permanent residency at once. After 4 years, you can apply for citizenship on the condition that you can read and write in Portuguese and provide proof that you can provide for yourself and any family with you. I think there is another way if you visit and give birth there.

Paraguay is cheaper than Brazil as you only need to deposit $5,000 in a Paraguayan Bank or buy equivalent amount in real estate then fill the required forms for residency. Citizenship is meant to take 3 years of waiting and you will have to live there full time.Unfortunately, after the 3 years, you may have to wait some months or even years to get their passport.

It all depends on how much time and money you want to spend, what type of investments you feel like doing and how much personal involvement you choose to have.

Let’s catch up later and talk locations, investments and other ideas and dreams…

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Welcome Javier,

There is a lot of wealth in the way we think, the people we love and those around us. I hope we all can add to your wealth as we gain from you…

Many thanks for the audio books, I just started learning Spanish. Didn’t know Paraguay expects full residency. No plan to have another baby so that option is out. Let’s catch up definitely

Hi there, I’m Talisa from South Africa. :south_africa:
I’ve travelled a fair amount over the last 10 years but the last 2 years I’ve been working on cruise ships, which allowed me to see and experience a lot more. I love traveling but I’m also very much an introvert so I usually go solo. I work in a spa, love reading, cats and drinking tea.
I’m about to embark on my first trip to Australia :australia: on a working holiday visa, which will definitely include a road trip! :smiley: One day I hope to live in Norway.
Looking forward to the future!

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Greetings all,

My name is Danilo and I currently live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I am originally from the Philippines, but came to the U.S. when I was 4. Grew up in Northern California near San Francisco. Went to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for college. Lived and worked in Silicon Valley as a software engineer for many years, but then moved away. I have also lived in Colorado and Las Vegas, Nevada.

I very much enjoy traveling. I have been to Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Cuba, Canada and Mexico. I have not yet traveled anywhere in Asia, although I’m planning a trip at the end of the year to visit my homeland as I have not been back since I came to the U.S. as a child. I plan on staying in the area and visiting places like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia. That’s the plan anyways.

I look forward to meeting and getting to know other like-minded travelers and adventurers in this community. Please feel free to reach out and say hi. If anyone has had experience traveling South East Asia and would like to share their experiences, I would love to hear your stories :slight_smile:

Hi all, I am Martin and have been a nomad for just over five years now :birthday::fireworks::champagne::clinking_glasses:. I am a freelance marketing consultant which all started when my employer let me work remotely and I am so glad they did :grinning: as my life has completely changed​:rocket:. Look forward to making some great connections.

Hi everyone,
I’m Nina from Borneo land (Sarawak Malaysia) :malaysia:, and have been living in Brunei Darussalam :brunei: for 8 years. I’m working as an IT lecturer in private college, which on renewable contract every 2 years. Last year on September I embarked a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Iceland, it was my first solo trip traveling out of asia. I’ve met many angels throughout my journey whom I still keeping in touch until today. I went hiking/trekking/camping/road-trip on paradise, I saw the bright dancing lights of the aurora borealis and coming from tropical climate country, I was stoked that I experiences the four seasons weather in one day. Since then, I see life in different lights - and got me pondering really hard until I finally decided to hand in my resignation letter at early this year. I want to travel for a long term and experiences the greatest life has to offer. I have few months left before my employment contract end and begin the big trip on this October. To be honest, it’s feel scary but I believe the magic on Nike classic tagline - “Just do it!”

By reading the quick introduction from everyone here, it’s feel somewhat emotional support. Nice meeting you all. I found nomadgate community when I search for “international bank for traveler”. A great useful information. Thank you.

  • Nina

Hi all! :smile:

I hope you’re well! My name is Ellie.

I am carrying out a really interesting Bournemouth University (in the UK) funded research project exploring the experience of digital nomads and wellbeing. If any of you are able to take part that would be brilliant.

It will be a quick 30-minute interview via Skype or a phone call - whatever works for you - next week or the following week, with all information being completely anonymous as detailed within the consent form if you do decide to take part.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Hi there ,
I’m Marco from Panama ( currently ) .
I’ve been nomadic since 1999 :open_mouth: , not really familiar with the “location independent” term ,but willing to keep travelling and moving wherever and whenever the opportunity shows.
I’m a big fan of the concept of achieving a simple way of living , focused on enjoying and understanding cultures and places. I’m not tied to any religion or political tendency , I truly believe in destiny , good people and karma . My favorite places : Berlin - Stockholm - Reykjavik and Barcelona.
My vices: electronic music and coffee :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes Nick :smile:


I’m JP. I’m from Brazil, with dual Brazilian+Italian citizenship, based in Berlin, moving to Prague soon. I’m a software engineer working remotely for an American company.

I have a possibly unhealthy interest for economics, ski and guns. And taxation is theft, naturally.

have a nice day. :slight_smile:

Hi everybody,
I’m Jerome. I’m from :switzerland:, though currently based in France.
Not a nomad yet :upside_down_face:
I’m an embedded developer (mainly FPGA stuff) and after 20 years of 9 to 5, first in the industry and lately in a scientific organization, I’m considering to make a move towards freelancing and digital nomad lifestyle. Probably part of my mid-life crisis :thinking: .
Here to grab some knowledge of wiser people than myself and hopefully also to contribute at some point :sunglasses:

Hi all
i am 44. Opened a company in Romania . Thinking to go live in Cyprus for tax advantages. Love all the great discussions going on here . This is a very complex tax world and i don’t feel like paying 45 % of my income to most governments that don’t handle it well. let’s see what’s next … i hope i can contribute at one point also. cheers