Introduce yourself! 👋

Hello all. I am Saikat, a person from Kolkata, India with a degree in chem engg. Now engaged in a number of businesses, and looking at settling somewhere in Spain or Portugal… Can anyone help?

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Hi All,

Thanks for accepting me into the Nomad/Gate community!

We (me and my very looong-term girlfriend), both South African, have been travelling the globe as permanent nomads since the year 2000 and although we have been around the block a few times, we have spend the majority of the time in Africa! We have lived and worked in the tourism industry in more than 10 African countries and explore the continent with our trusty old Landie. Currently we reside in Tanzania and run a safari business with bush and beach camps.

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:wave: Ciao! I’m Dario from Italy, so cool to discover this community (for me also through the banking article haha).

I started my nomad journey 1,5 years ago. I’ve been 8 months in Bali and 8 months in Lisbon. Loved both. :heart: :palm_tree: :sunrise_over_mountains:

I work as a copywriter and content marketer for a Marketing automation platform.

I will be for a month in Croatia towards the end of the year, so any recommendation is welcome :slight_smile:

I will also do a Vipassana soon, which terrifies me :stuck_out_tongue: Did someone here do it?

One book I recommend… The order of time by Carlo Rovelli :slight_smile:

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Hello, Iam Puyan, Iam from Iran and I am willing to work as freelancer from Iran. Due to US biycots on Iran banking system I can not use paypal or master card. If Iam at the right website tell me. And if not show me a free international way. Thanks.

Hello everyone,
My name is Enrique, I’m glad I found this forum, I found it looking around the web for answers, I’m new to remote working and I can say that I’ll love to make it my way of life from now on, it’s just amazing to work from wherever you want as long as you have internet and your computer.

But one thing that was making noise in my head was paying a high price for currency exchange in PayPal, so I’m moving to TransferWise, and hoping to find more ways to move around paying less, right now I’m not traveling, but I plan to do it in the near future.

I like to learn new things all the time.

Welcome Puyan, I’m new here also, but I hope you find your answers here.
It looks like a great community.

Hi All,
I’m Géza from :hungary: Hungary not a nomad.

I was just looking for a country-independent financial solution.

Hey guys :slight_smile:

Super happy to join this community :raised_hands:

I am a South African entrepreneur. I run Work Wanderers and we offer digital nomad retreats around the world .

I am also specialized in Digital Marketing Strategy and Paid media and do some consulting work on a freelance basis.

Excited to hear more about what people do and the challenges they are facing as digital nomads :slight_smile:

Keen to meet you all!

All the best,

Hi everyone!
I am a freelance web dev (Front-end so far) with some skills with WP, woo-commerce and PHP snippets.
I live in Argentina, Capital, but I long to go and live in another city (what we call “el interior del pais” -“the inner-country”). Living near the mountains, rivers and nature is my dream, going for it!
And I LOVE dogs, reading (a lot) and walking…just…walking, letting the mind …be…with no intention at all

Hi All. Im Todd, a Texan-American that recently relocated to Ukraine to run a software company. Love to travel, and looking to make this relocation a lifestyle change.


:wave: Hi All,

My name is also Thomas and I’m originally from Denmark but grew up in Tanzania and have since lived in the US and most recently Hong Kong. My Wife and I just became empty nesters with our daughter leaving for Spain.

We are currently looking at moving to Portugal and in doing research, I discovered the nomad gate community. Really appreciate the resource guides on the subject. Great to be able to share experiences.:clap:

Looking forward to learning lots!



My name is Cheryl. I am a retired educators
currently living in Tijuana, Mexico. I am planning a move to Portugal and saw several useful topics so I joined the group to pick as many brains as I can.

Hi Everyone,

I’m Paul living in Germany since the late 70’s. I moved to Germany from my home town, Boston Mass USA. I’ve been living and working primarily in Germany, but as a Project Manager, I’ve had the pleasure of traveling all over Europe. On vacation, I tend to either go back to the States or travel within Europe to cities that I haven’t traveled to with my work.
My favorite places by far are Hawaii, San Francisco, Stockholm and Amalfi coast. I love to cook, especially Italian and enjoy BBQs with the family and friends.

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Hi Guys!

I’m Oliver, born & raised :baby: in the UK, I’m Dutch and moved to Portugal (Sintra) in December chasing after a holiday romance. Still going strong 1 year later :muscle::heart:

I’m a freelancer and I create digital media content :movie_camera::studio_microphone: (interviews, testimonials, company presentations, video Ad’s) for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. I love what I do. I also love to play tennis, go to the beach and ride my motorcycle. :heart::motorcycle::desert_island:

I’m a huge Alan Watts fan and I listen to his lectures almost daily. Just adding one random one as they are all gold.

Great to be here and look forward to connecting with some of you guys!

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My name is Björn. I am Swedish, but moving to Portugal, Estoril shortly. Got my NIF already. Interested in learning about life in Portugal, where to go, what to do and so on.

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Hi all,
Happy to have found this community :clap: - wonderful initiative.
I am Rosanne, pursue permaculture :deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree::seedling: in a remote village in Thailand among a large family of feathered and four-legged friends. :chicken::hatching_chick::duck::swan::bird::frog::dog2::cat::water_buffalo::cow:Have lived in more countries than I want to list. Regularly travel for work - regression therapy, belief clearing, linguistic work…, all over Asia :earth_asia::auto_rickshaw::airplane::luggage::milky_way:

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Hello All,

I’m originally from the US, been on the go in mostly South East Asia and Europe for the past 3 years. Artist, animal lover, reader…

Nice to meet you.

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Thanks a bunch (sorry for the late reply).

Will absolutely check out your recommendations - really appreciate you sharing those.

Take care!


Hi all. Mark here from Australia.

In a nutshell I’m an experienced world traveler to over 100 countries. Digital nomad for 5 years. Tech savvy business dude.

Am currently researching options for my latest startup I’ve brought from Australia to Europe.

Looking forward to interesting debates.

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Hello Guys! :hugs: :raising_hand_man:t4:

I’m Alex. I’m a DJ / Producer / Martial Arts Teacher and I’ve been a nomad for like 6 years and this community seems perfect for my needs and things I want to share. Together with my buddy, we produce videos as we travel to partially finance this life style. We do things like this to inspire people to respect and appreciate Nature :slight_smile: (this is not for promotion purpose)

We have some interesting projects ahead of us. For example, we are going to Socotra in November. Most people will not know this island, so I will share this little adventure if anyone is interested :upside_down_face:

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