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Hello! We are worldschooling family of 4 from California traveling full-time going on 3 years. I have an 9 year old boy and 7 year old girl. We travel based on educational experiences and meeting up with other worldschooling families. We like to slow travel and live in places for 3 months at a time. We are now based in Croatia but trying to establish a new home base where we can live and return to on a regular basis. Would love to establish residency in the EU.

My favorite places: Rarotonga, Cook islands, Thailand, Buenos Aires, Lisbon and Vis Island, Croatia… there are lots others :slight_smile:

My fav book: The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Micheal Singer

Looking forward to learning from you all!

i am abdellah :raised_hands:from algeria i have 25 yrs old i work technicien in electronics company i have studied many diploms and i am new to this community i hope to know every one of you because you are very interesting ppl my favorites places are all the world:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::earth_asia:

Hi all! I am from India, looking to buy a place in Portugal. Aiming to travel & enjoy Europe. I love to read any and every book

Hello Everybody - Nice to meet you. My name is Kathy and I am American living in Los Angeles where I work as a real estate Broker. My partner and I are planning to buy a flat in Porto Portugal in the next year or so for an investment/2nd vacation home and I am looking forward to meeting you all and hearing about your experiences. We love travel in Europe, food, fashion, photography and our favorite thing to do is searching out and supporting young emerging local artists everywhere we go. Favorite places are Sicily and Porto. I do have a few questions for the group but am still trying to figure out how this blog works :slight_smile:

I’m David. Currently living in Washington, DC, I’ll be retiring from my current job and heading out into the world. Finally! (This is my second full career of more than 20 years I’ll be wrapping up.) I will join a friend who lives in Paris and we’ll move to Bologna where she begins teaching at the Uni. We’re both historians working on Russian/Soviet history. Naturally, concerns about cost of managing money and health care and making the retirement dollars last for the next 2-3 decades are foremost on my mind, but grabbing a big bite of what’s out there will be the first order of business. Any Uni. of Rochester alums out there?

Not really a nomad per se but close to retirement age and considering living abroad for a portion of the year, once that time comes, so as to economize. The wife holds Russian citizenship and actually owns property there, so we’re leaning strongly toward, in a couple years’ time, trying out living there for a couple years. The plan would be to maintain a US address and spend about half the year in each country. We might later try the same arrangement targeting a different (probably Spanish-speaking) country. For now mainly interested in trying out a bank account w/debit card that we could use while in Russia and that would allow us to avoid foreign transaction fees and exhorbitant exchange rates—maybe something like the Charles Schwab checking/debit/brokerage account touted around here.

Hi, I’m Aslana. I am the publisher of a website called Property Presents. The experts that we work with cover real estate investment opportunities in Cypruss, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Makedonia…and have also past experience in Florida, London, Canary Islands, Marbella, Sardinia, the Bahamas, etc since the early 1980’s. We have a little more than three thousand investors that we have assisted with services since 2003. Our perspective is very much that of a nomadic remote worker/entrepreneur. We don’t sell real estate, instead we provide professional services for investors. Our associates are currently very busy servicing investors from Singapore to Los Angelos for their Citizenship Investments in Turkey. And we are providing guidance and help for Residency Permits in Bulgaria…a fantastic location for remote workers with very fast internet connections (the fastest in Europe?) a low cost of living, and tax rate (10%) and really pleasant and beautiful quality of life. Albania is also on the radar screen. All of the markets covered are ones in which we have more than 10 years experience on the ground, and with networks in place to execute. Our comparative insights can be very helpful.

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Hi! Oi! :sunglasses: My family is looking to move to Portugal and I appreciate the advice I’ve found here. I have been a nomad of sorts for the last 10 years with some stationary times as well usually after the birth of our children :wink: We like the Iberian lifestyle, culture, people and beauty having lived in Spain for 2 years! To fund the nomad life, I am a freelance web designer & Brander, airbnb superhost and also devote part of my time to Youth with a Mission helping them with communications/graphics.

I am a language geek and currently I am trying to get conversational in portuguese (I currently speak English and Spanish).