Introduce yourself! πŸ‘‹

Thanks for thinking of me. Best wishes on your endeavors.


:world_map:Hi fellow Nomads! My name is Tia and my husband and I are exploring the idea of retiring to Portugal and having our kids attend college in the EU. We are looking into the Golden Visa program with the idea that we would purchase a property now and move to Portugal down the road. Looking forward to hearing your stories and sharing ours :smiley:

Hi guys I’m Sam from Saudi Arabia! I run a online digital product business and looking for some information about accepting payments, etc. I’ll make a separate thread about that though. For now i just wanted to say hi :slight_smile:

Hi all, I’m Eddie from Hong Kong. Hope to chat with you all. Thanks a lot.


Hi all - Bret from SoCal. I suspect we’re not qualified as β€˜nomads’ since we only leave home 2-3 times a year - for 2-6 weeks at a time. Our travels began after we retired and we’ve only been able (so far) to visit about 40 countries & 5 continents. We recognize that advancing age & declining vitality are gaining on us… but we’re not ready to turn in our passports yet! Our next outing will be a winter excursion in France.
Every day can be an adventure, whether sailing around Cape Horn, through a Cat2 hurricane in the North Atlantic, or the Midnight Sun at the Nord Cap; wading through knee-deep flood water in St. Mark’s Square, hiking through a thunderstorm in the Alps, or bicycling along the Danube for days on end; or having our breath taken away standing on the edge of the rift zone in Iceland and watching Swan Lake in Saint Petersburg. Art, architecture, history, culture: time marches on and so will we!
We found this site while looking for banking options while out of the country.
Looking forward to gleaning wisdom from true nomads.

Hi All,
I’m Chimi, a retired entrepreneur living in Valencia Spain. Was VP R&D in 3 medical diagnostic companies, have been acquired 4 times. Have lived in Spain 5 years, after 4 years in Buenos Aires. Originally from Los Angeles, Ph.D. Univ. Chicago, MBA UCLA, lived up & down Calif. coast, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, Tampa-St.Pete. Hope to learn latest travel/communications tips, and can offer tips on getting bought out.

Hello, My name is Marie-Claude - or MC :grin: from Montreal. I feel like I used to be a nomad - I lived in Germany, Toronto, North Carolina, Mexico City, I have a MBA from UCLA and lived in San Francisco for 4 years - but a child - now 10 - and husband have changed this trajectory! Luckily my Italian husband also longs for some change and our sights are set on Portugal where we bought a property last summer, to be delivered in the new year. We look forward to connecting with other nomads!

Hi everyone!
I work remotely and travel often–my husband and I split time between the US & Germany, while mixing in immersive experiences in many other countries. I am lucky enough to bring my work with me where ever I go and I even get to help others make their work/travel dreams come true through my role with Remote Year! We’re currently based in Colorado, US and love connecting with others through the travel & outdoor adventure communities. If I can assist with anything from my experience in planning work-travel programs, please reach out anytime and I look forward to meeting some folks through this forum!