Introduce yourself! 👋

Hello good day ! My name is Guillermo, I’m from Argentina. And I’m starting to internalize in the world of being a digital nomad. I currently have a sales company in my city and I am very focused on completely changing the way I want to live. Greetings to all !

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Hello there! (I don’t use communities since I don’t know when, so I already posted this message in the wrong thread… sorry!)

I’m an Italian guy that’s ready to make the Big Step… Me and my girlfriend will leave Italy on january 2021 , trying our hand at the digital nomad’s life.
I’m a copywriter and ghostwriter :writing_hand:, and I’m putting all my energies in shifting my job toward a fully remote position (and it seems I’m succeeding), in the meantime, I’m trying to become better at english, so to expand my client base outside Italy.
We think we will go to Ecuador or Perù :llama: first.
Besides, I love mountain trekking :mount_fuji:, outdoor things, metal music :metal:, and writing.
I’ll take my time to check the wonderful resources of this website.
Thank you! :pray:

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Hey everyone!
I am a nomad that travel because it gives me happiness(mental and physical) and personal freedom,
i am a developer and thinker i run a privacy aware postbox service located at : and i have recently also started a new blog, i am looking forward to meeting and communicating with a lot of you guys.
Until later

Hello! :wave:

I’m Lisa (36) based in Minnesota, USA. :snowflake:

I work remotely for a company in the US, supporting an ERP system called Sage X3. It’s for mid-sized manufacturing companies. I also do Crystal report writing (now SAP Business Objects).

My home is a duplex. I rent out the lower half, and live in the upper half.

I recently began learning programming, and think I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up (a developer).

I love the idea of working from wherever - as long as you have a laptop and the internet. I appreciate original thoughts and fresh perspectives. My longer term goal is to become a Florida resident (no state tax) & be a snowbird.

Recently, I finally made it to Europe and want to thoroughly explore it, too. Have made it to Belgium, Sweden and Ireland so far.

I’m open to housing swaps/affordable weekly or monthly rentals with other respectful people. My house is about 25 min from the MSP airport.

Hi I am Max, Happy to join the community, I am from Benin, West Africa, living between the US, Benin, Paris, Kharkov-Ukraine. I have been travelling around for 20+ years now for family, professional reasons. I found the community as I was trying to find a clear answer to what is the best way to get non resident bank accounts/cards that will allow me to pay for, buy, get paid, spend, in different currencies, across US, Europe, Africa. sometimes I would think I found part of the answer but then I will get confused again after reading another post on a website.
thank you for having me

Hi I’m Henri!
I’m so excited to connect with people like me! I’ve been on the road since 2016 part time and full time since late 2017. My wife and I are loving being nomads!
We are currently in Bali. :pray:
We have done many things to make a living…living. And we are feeling confident enough to begin sharing some of our best finds.
My interests are: History, Human sciences, Investing and of course Traveling.
I speak fluently: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamento. And I can have basic conversations in German and Italian. Currently I’m learning Japanese and Indonesian.
I look forward to connecting with you! :sunglasses:

Hey guys,

I’m Rob, a retired electronics/computer/laser engineer from Australia. I’ve spent most of my life here, and I’m totally over it! Need to spend at least a few years traveling and exploring the world before I’m too old to enjoy it.

I’ve lived in Melbourne (born there), Sydney (spent the '70s there), Brisbane (current location since 2015), Cairns (3 months in 1973), Brussels (3 months in 1999/2000) and various short holidays to New Zealand and the USA. I’m a keen sailor and spent an enjoyable month in Dec 2013 / Jan 2014 sailing from Newcastle, NSW to Christchurch, NZ across the Tasman Sea with some friends.

Would love to move to the UK but as a retired 5th generation Australian I don’t qualify easily. I was hoping that the Brexit thing and CANZUK alignment would be well settled by now but you just can’t hurry politicians. Currently looking into Golden Visa programs, particularly Portugal which seems like an ideal starting point (except for the cost of cars!)

Look forward to meeting some of you online in the near future.



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Hi, my name is Andre and I currently live in South Africa and have been working in the Democratic Republic Congo for the last 6 years.
Would like to move my family to a country where they are safe and free to explore not having to keep looking over their shoulders or having to worry all the time.
We love the outdoors, beach, see, mountains, camping, fishing and so much more.

Hi Everyone,
I’m probably one of the oldest members here - 66. British by birth but I’ve lived in various counties in Africa for over 32 years.
I’ve been a copywriter for many years and, three years ago, I decided it was time to sell up and travel before it was too late. I’ve travelled around Croatia, France, UK, Bulgaria, Switzerland, South Africa and Australia. Loving my new life. Long may it continue.


Hello everyone! My name is Nelly and I became a digital nomad 18 months ago when I decided to change the life of drudgery I was living in New York. While vacationing in the Caribbean I called my company to tell them I would not be returning to New York. So they agreed to let me work remotely. :sunglasses::dancer:t4: :raised_hands:

I am an investment research strategist and write about the financial markets (stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies).

I spent 1 year on the island of Saint Lucia and just moved to Portugal 2 months ago. I LOVE living in Lisbon and the articles in Nomad Gate have been very helpful for getting myself sorted out administratively (getting my NIF, opening a bank account, searching for housing etc.) It is a pleasure to be part of this community and I hope I can be of help to others.

I walk EVERYWHERE in Lisbon, regardless of how far the destination is. One of my pleasures is listening to podcasts as I walk. My favorite right now is Throughline from NPR.

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