Introduce yourself! 👋

Hi Sara
Good luck for your plan to move to Europe.
its better to travel to portugal, stay for a month and then choose your plan to do a permanent migration.
Sandeep from dubai

I just left California for Nevada in June, thanks to my employer’s work from home policy. I’m dreaming of a future with cycling tours all around the world, but particularly in Europe. I also crave the thrill of charging up roads in the Alps and zooming back to the bottom. I went on a deliciously fun, scenic social ride from Brennero to Bolzano last summer, and can’t wait for more experiences like that!

Last year I also received a Ritchey Breakaway as a wonderful gift. It has journeyed with me since then to June Lakes, London, Austria, Germany, Italy, Dubai, and Oman. My rides in the middle east were so rewarding: the spectacular west coast of the Musandam Peninsula, the wadis of Khasab, the Al Qudra cycling track, the enclave and counter-enclave of Madha and Nahwa, the Jebel Jais mountain scenic parkway, and even the Palm Jumeira (though I wouldn’t recommend the latter in retrospect). In Europe I thrashed my road tires–totally worth it!–on the gravel road though gorgeous Karwendel NP to the Birkkarspitze trailhead, then back to Austria via Germany (for kicks). What a fine two days!


I’m Tom and my wife Sara and I currently live in Hawaii but plan to try to make our way to Portugal in the near future.

Originally from South Carolina by way of Dallas, I’m looking forward to exploring what looks like great information in this community.


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Hi All Nomads and stay at homes :slight_smile:My name is David, I am a retired architect and structural engineer.
I lived in South Africa after graduating from university in England and spent 18 years in a suburb to the west of Johannesburg called Northcliff. I returned to England in 1990 and now plan to buy a house in Portugal where I hope to spend 6+ months of the year. I am now faced with getting a residency permit, an NIF number and later , after I buy my house, apply for a NHRP so I can benefit from the scheme Portugal offers. Any advice from any one who has taken these steps would be most welcome. Also, anyone who enjoys sailing 40 - 50ft catamarans is also welcome to contact me so we can arrange some sailing trips. Happiness and good health to all. David


This reminds me how excited I am about the interesting people I’ll meet once I embark on the next phase of this nomad journey!

Hi there
I am Jose. Have no particular book. Looking into retirement in 2 years. Looking for a tax friendly and safe place where my savings allow me to live reasonably comfortable. I am looking into Malta and Portugal. Interested in the NHR Portugal program
Thank you

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Hello y’all…I’m a Brit who retired 1st October 2018 was on a plane to Hong Kong 3rd October and from there on to Palawan in the Philippines for 7 weeks. Island hopping. QUITE an experience. Just me and my old man having our gap year (a bit late) me 65, him 53.
Went home for 5 months, May 2019 packed up our Discovery and off we went!. Spent exactly one month driving from Dunkirk to Brindisi in Italy, camping and We visited all the big tourist sites and lakes etc…From Brindisi we island hopped 7 of the Greek Ionian islands for 4 months… LOVE the Greek islands…LOVE being retired.
2020 we PLANNED to go to the Seychelles for 6 weeks, come pack up the Disco and explore some Sporades …COVID kicked in whilst in the Seychelles…airport closed and we spent 5 months there instead. Could probably have got home sooner but decided to stay as there was no COVID on the Seychelles.
13th August we were able to get a flight to Athens then on to the Greek island of Kythera and right now I am writing from Crete…week here and a week there swimming and snorkeling every day…LOVE being retired.
We have book a flight home 30 September (flexible ticket). We have been away from UK for over 6 months.
Snorkeling is ‘our thing’. As much as we love the Greek islands, the scenery is stunning, the weather is beautiful and the sea is inviting…but what lies on the seabed is not so nice…very silt very ugly and not healthy looking…So as we love Gozo as well we are going to cancel the ticket for 30 September to go home and fly to Malta instead, with a view of arranging Residency before Brexit…and therefore retaining access to Europe.
So can anyone guide us in getting Ordinary Residence in Malta…where do we start???
Stay safe

Hi guys ! It’s Fab from Italy but not living there since a long time, I worked in Spain, Malta, Belgium, UK, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Malesia, Singapore , Greece by remote on my online projects but not for these reasons only (one is 50% online/offline). All my life as been dedicated to IT sector and some on videos/photos
My passion into sport photography, video and web development drove me around many places in the world and I currently working to keep going in this direction. Remote job is in my DNA. Unfortunately sometimes I have to go to work in some office but nothing is perfect in life ! isn’t it ? Thanks for accepting me ! I’m eager to read all the posts in this community ! peace and love everyones !

Hi Meg ! I was living in Gozo for 6 months , I went in Victoria town in the square, there are many governative offices where I was asking info about residency and procedure to run an activity, I think you can start from there is in Gozo or in any case in a police office to say you want to become resident.
Hope this help !
Good luck !

We are a retired international couple with 2 boys, 19 & 22 who will graduate from university in the UK June 2021. We are planning to apply for the Portugal golden visa and we believe as dependents they can be included in the Golden Visa program, but do they need to be in Portugal? When we apply in 5 yrs for Portuguese citizenship will they be eligible as well?

Many thanks Fabrizio…we have engaged a Residency specialist to help us get residency and we have also got a one year lease now…we will be grateful for any more info anyone can offer

Hey people,

I was lucky enough to find this forum (community) while browsing google. I am Gediminas, nice to e-meet you all! :wink:

I am a man who believes in the power of freedom. To the bottom of my soul! And I teach my kids about that. About the freedom of choice and how it can bring them to the top of the world. I feel much love for nomads (I am the same) and I wish to meet new good people there!

I and my wife left our home-country when we were very young with no big responsibilities in our lives. We moved to Italy (that’s where our daughter was born), then after a year, we moved to Spain (that’s where our son was born).

Now I mostly reside in Cyprus and I love my life! My freedom of choice let me be where I am now.

I wish you all the same power and let’s e-meet your new friend - me. :gift_heart:


Hi There, I am from South Africa. I used to teach YouTube Marketing and am now studying eCommerce. I lived in Saudi Arabia with my husband for five years with a years break after the second year. We then moved to the UAE for two years. During those 7 years, we were able to travel to a number of destinations and the travel bug bit😍

I am here for several reasons. My husband is retiring but funds are limited (hence my current studies) as pretty near all we had went towards helping to care for my disabled granddaughter and subsidising my grandsons sports dreams (rugby fanatic).:woman_shrugging:

I would like to move my entire family (7 of us) to a more cost effective country and I would also like to keep whatever funds I earn out of the hands of the South African government, so need a new bank account elsewhere which will accept funds transferred from PayPal💕

:wave: I was born in Lisbon, where I did make my studies but I have been working in the San Francisco Bay Area for some time now, while always try to have a little more nomadic life style.
While not exactly what I planned, I have been managing to be doing so in this time of “remote work” so I put my stuff in storage and I have been spending some time in Portugal, one month per city so far,

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Hello everyone, currently living in the UK. I’m a wanna-be Nomad who’s hoping to escape the horror that is Brexit. Learning German right now as it’s where one of my Grandparents was from. Speak fluent English and basic Spanish. I’m looking into getting a TEFL diploma so I can freelance as an English teacher, so we’ll see what 2021 has in store.

Hi all,

South African here, interested in acquiring a property to qualify for the Golden Visa program.
I’m a chartered accountant, but have been specialising in company operations management, restructures and businesses improvement.

Give me beach, crashing waves, forests or vineyards and I am am happy.
Hopefully I can make Portugal my new home.

While in the process of getting my GV, Im thinking of travelling through Europe with a camper van.

I’m an adventure traveller and have travelled to over 40 countries so far.

I’m looking forward to joining the network of nomads :grin:


Hi guys, thanks for the hot greeting