Introduce yourself! 👋


I’m from Namibia. I teach and my goal is to become completely unattached to a specific place on Mother Earth (although I love her!). Been to quite a few places, favourites being New York and China. Planning to emigrate (financially) to Europe.

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Hello all,

Incredible resource–thank you Thomas! :+1: My husband and I live in the SF bay area :foggy:, and are considering a move to Portugal in Feb/March. I work in tech and have helped develop new business for 50+ tech companies around the :globe_with_meridians:. My husband (born and raised in NYC) is mainly retired but still stays connected w/the residential real estate market by mentoring agents (40 years in real estate).

Love :hot_pepper: food, vibrant cities like Lisbon, Rome and NY and the CA coastline :sailboat: (Sea Ranch in particular).

That’s us! I’m sure we will appreciate all input, suggestions, “don’t do this” feedback from all of you.

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I’m glad to be a member of this forum. I am out of Europe

I tried to create an account because I’m a businessman.

And I travel to many countries for business. I need many cards and accounts for transactions. Doing business with the local community.

It’s a good idea to open an account here.

Hi everyone

I’m Nicola. I’m British and currently living in the UK. I’m looking to protect my husband and me from the negative impact of Brexit and I have no ancestral routes close enough to claim citizenship in an EU country.

My partner and I already have remote jobs with a small company and I’m hoping to figure out how we can work and live in Portugal on a part time basis with a view to eventually gaining citizenship.

I’m aware the clock is ticking so I need to get my skates on!

Thanks in advance for the information I’ll be soaking up :blush: :wink:

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Hi everyone!

Fresh off having my ties to my local community severed (COVID killed my business :skull_and_crossbones: ), I’m looking at entering the nomad community. It’s going to be difficult, as I have two small children (2 & 4), but my wife and I think we can make it work!

Thanks for the resources here!


Hi, there! :wave:

I’m Linda, from Denver, Colorado in the USA. :sunrise_over_mountains: I love my mountains, and I encourage you to come visit if you haven’t been here. They are rugged and dry (getting dryer all the time), and high, with great ski slopes during high snow years. I am a singer :exploding_head: :astonished: :hushed: and teach classical, musical theater, swing styles, and basically vocal strengthening in any genre. I also teach piano. :musical_keyboard:

My family has traveled quite a bit, mostly driving with a trailer :blue_car: – all 50 states numerous times, all over different parts of Mexico :mexico: for vacations numerous times, and throughout Canada :canada:. I’ve enjoyed England :uk:, Scotland :beers:, Italy :spaghetti:, Switzerland :mountain_snow:, and France :champagne::, all at different times, and it only whetted my appetite! My (relatively new) husband and I would like to spend more time in each place, and to further explore the world :world_map:. We are nearing retirement, so Nomadic life sounds good to us! We are new to the idea, so will enjoy continuing to read the experiences you all share here on the blog. Thank you, Thomas, for such a great website!

My favorite books are those my husband writes – Historical Fiction – so I will list “All We Hold Dear” by Kelly Cheek as one to try if you want to learn a bit about the Trail of Tears :railway_track:here in the US :us:. Looking forward to learning from all of you and getting ready!


Hi there !
I’m Fred, French-Turkish, who has been living between france turkey belgium and portugal for the last few years.

I work and offer consulting services in a few sectors (golden visa and real estate market counsel for Portugal, non-eu business development strategies in Europe, sectorial information gathering), have a background career as lecturer in academia and currently (try to) finish my PhD; finally I am in the process of securing finance for developing an MVP for my education-oriented startup company created with my co-founder and friend, a brilliant belgian medical doctor. By the way, if you’re a computer engineer looking for a nice project to be a part of as a co-founder (helping us decrease financing needs) please get in touch… NOW :smiley:

I currently stay in Turkey to help out my folks during these weird times, but I’ll probably find my way back to other lands soon enough :slight_smile:

I tend to stay away from social networks, but I found a question which needed answering while browsing, so I joined ! Sorry if not uber present, but I’ll do my best to participate and contribute :nerd_face:

Cheers !

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I’ve been dreaming of and exploring moving to Portugal since 2017. A few things need to be tied up, and I need to be sure of what I’m getting myself into - doing it solo! I’m a writer, so I can live anywhere and loved Lisbon when I was there a few consecutive years, teaching.


Hi there,
I have just joined the community. I am a traveler at heart. For several years in the beginning of my career I would quit jobs to go travel then return to the states and find employment.
Then, once my skills started to be in demand, I would negotiate 6 to 8 weeks off a year so I could travel. I have spent many years visiting 52 countries, so far.
Now in my later years I am ready to truly live in other countries. My goal has always been to expand my perspective and explore a worldview by getting to people from various cultures.
I have much to learn from this community and perhaps something to offer as well. All advice greatly appreciated. I hope to start my new adventures in March.


Hi! My name is Arni Martinez. I am from Argentina. I am lawyer, studying now Administration, MBA, etc. I love traveling (have been to France, Spain Germany, Italy, UK, Portugal in Europe, USA various citites, Panama and most South America), I have a website but I see it is not advisable here to write links (it is my own name, so no mistery at all). I have a kid, she is the love of my life, she is only 7 yo by now. We are living a tremendous economic disaster here in Argentina, like in Venezuela (and not because of the pandemics), and I like to talk and know people with a good heart and not mentally ill (psycopats, etc.). Hope I can help you with tips, that s what my page is about and that you can help me also. The best for all good hearted people and God bless you all guys!


Hiya, my name is Joan Wallace.
I am a retired american woman who grew up on Terceira island and I am now in the process of applying for a residency visa. I spent the first forty years of my life as a military dependent, first as an Air Force brat and then an Army spouse. I have lived almost a third of my life in Europe including Germany, Terceira, and Scotland. I love to travel and have been to some of the most beautiful places. But right now I am hoping that someone can tell me where I can get the power of attorney for my representative to apply for my NIF. I currently live in South Carolina. Thank you. :grinning:


Hi. Zlatko here. :wave: I know my name is a tong-twister for most, but I still like it. :slight_smile:

Most of the time I spend is designing digital products (apps, websites, etc.) My latest passion is ethical-design and based on such principles I built my own app for travellers and locals.

I still dream of a time where I‘ll get rid of the computer, and simply live a life off the monitor, in a country with lush nature. But not Bali. Bali is too hot. Perhaps in northern Europe.


Hi Arnie, I am your colleague from Russia, the same lawyer. I will be glad to communicate)). I think you can place your site in your personal data, I think you can ask our respected Thomas how to do this, or first try to figure it out yourself.

HI I am Zubayer

Been travelling for the last 20 years. Now finally moving out of my home country and becoming a Nomad. Love travelling !!

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Hi everyone,

I’m Counsel M Rehman a licensed ( Govt of Canada and UK) immigration professional helping potential immigrants to legally reach Canada, Portugal, Germany, UK and Latvia in Eastern Europe. I live in Canada and I am based out of Toronto. My main focus is investment for Passport program in Portugal currently, though I help Canadian investment for PR programs widely and other programs as there is demand. Potential clients PM me here if you need help.

Thank you

Greetings to everyone,

My name is Hailey. I am currently working for Casa Seguro, which is an agency directly under Mercan Group. We provide services specialising in residency and citizenship around the world. I’m joining Nomad community with the hope of discussing and updating latest news and policy in terms of this field, and also would be nice to bring our service to people in need.

Again, it is my pleasure to be a part of Nomad community, hopefully will learn a lot from everyone :smiley:

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Hello fellow Nomads! :smiley: :wave:

My name is Izam, I am a budding location-independent entrepreneur! have interests in the data & analytics space (I’m an Alteryx consultant) and in the financial markets (I’m a proprietary forex trader).

With Alteryx I work with management teams to analyse, interpret and exploit the one asset that we can’t afford to overlook : Data!

As a proprietary forex trader, I identify long-term trends and follow them. I produce consistent returns while always managing risk and protecting my capital. I am not a high frequency trader and I am not an intra-day trader.

Am planning to form my own personal company (#estonia #tax-legal ) to hold my interests, to provide a vehicle to invoice my freelance work and to formalise contracts for a monthly salary (budgeting purposes!).

Look forward to following strategies for a healthy, holistic digital nomad lifestyle from y’all!

So hit me up if you have questions about how we could collaborate in the data & analytics space!

Also, hit me up if you have questions about the opportunities in forex trading and investing in profitable traders. The brokerage I work with offers the chance for newbie traders to allocate capital to more experienced traders and share in the gains.