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Hey everyone,

I run a design studio with my partner in Spain. Seeing as we don’t need to be in one place to do our work, we’re used to travelling but now with travel restrictions we’re looking to grow the business and exploring the options of relocating to Ireland (I’m British), Andorra (Partner’s Spanish) or Malta!

Hoping to learn from others experiences and get a better idea of our options.

A book I’ve been reading recently is Lessons of History, fascinating condensed learnings of how we got to where we are.

Hi, I’m Mark and I live in the UK.

I’ve travelled a lot on business and my favourite business destination was Sydney Australia.

I worked in Japan a couple of years ago and had the pleasure of of visiting Kamakura.

I recommend if you get the chance to go to Japan, I would forget Tokyo and head for Kamakura. It’s where the Japanese go and full of Shrines & Temples.

Have fun



Hey Ashley, I live in Andorra. I’m not online here regularly but if you have questions about the place shoot me a message and read through my past replies (they may be helpful).

Hello :grinning:

:wave: I’m Mohamed from London, the United Kingdom :uk: working on the Idea of :

:rocket: VISXA - Immigration Made Easy

Moving between countries for visit, working, family and business reasons are getting taught day by day, using a one signal platform to gather all the information about the immigration process where the B2C and B2B where will be able to start there application and move fully digital to the next steps.

:raising_hand_man: Thank you

Mohamed Aboshanab

HI, we are Leonard and Veronica Waks. Retired in Portugal. I am a retired philosophy professor and educational consultant, Veronica is a retired medical doctor and naturopath. I remain active by teaching and consulting part time - mostly in China. Veronica remains active in her organic garden - orchard and through her Youtube channel “Acid Reflux and GERD”.

Hello. I am new to this community and nomad lifestyle, doing lots of sports and want to become more location independent. Thanks for having me.

I’m new. Glad I found this site. Great info and community!
We (wife and I) just retired and currently live in California. We plan to move to Porto, Portugal later this year. Just starting the D7 Visa Process now. Any experience or advise would be greatly appreciated. Crazy and exciting times!

Hey everyone! I’ve just joined the community and am really excited to explore all this useful info. I’ve known Portugal since 2004 and moved from London to Lisbon in 2014 - it’s probably the best decision I’ve ever made. I work with a lot of the things that are discussed in these forums (but I won’t self promote here) :slight_smile: Since the start of Portugal’s first lockdown in 2020, I’ve been working remotely a lot more - first within Portugal and now in Costa Rica - which is something I thought would never be possible. I’m more than happy to help if anyone needs advice or tips about moving to Portugal!
P.S. look forward to speaking @tkrunning

HI all - I’m Andrew, and I work in product development - was based in the UK, but have now moved to Malta!

Hey all, this is Richa. Sustainable development specialist by profession, Indian by origin. Currently living in India. In the past I have lived in the US and the UK. At the moment I am in the process of applying for my D7 visa to come and work from Portugal for a while. I like practicing on my violin, a good work out, experimenting with food and travel.

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Hi Nomad Gate community,
I am Hubert Gumilang from Indonesia. I am looking at investment opportunities in real estate or VC funds for Portuguese Golden Visa.